Brian Keane

Brian Keane


"An uncomfortably good songwriter." -- Jon Dee Graham


Brian Keane performs with a twinkle in his eye. Sometimes it is a twinkle of mischief as he tells the lyrical story of Odysseus, his westernized, modern tribute to the Odyssey. Other times, it is a twinkle of conviction as he strums through stories of a life worth living and time well spent � despite the inevitable scrapes and bruises that come along with it.

Originally from South Carolina, Keane�s story line is shaped from stints of time spent in New York City, Boston, and currently, Austin, Texas. At the end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007, Keane toured world-wide with Patrice Pike, playing keys and electric guitar. In the past he performed as a keyboardist in the house band of NYC�s famed Cafe Wha? and worked as a multi-instrumentalist (singer, bassist, pianist, and banjoist) and writer with the NYC bluegrass band Red Rooster. As a founding member of the Band of Heathens, he swapped songs in the group whose sound is often summed up by the words �rock and roll stew�.

Keane plays well with others, but is not afraid to sit alone in the spotlight � and he is not afraid to entertain an audience. �I just want the audience to have fun�, says Keane. �I keep eye contact with as many people as I can. I want to see how people react when they hear a song.� Keane is aware of how the words of his songs can penetrate the hearts of listeners and bring to mind memories that may include hard times. Still, he hopes some, including himself, can find some resolution in relating to experiences and observations turned to lyric. And, when he senses things are getting a little heavy, that�s when he pulls out one of his many songs that beg to be sung with a sly grin. �I like to mix it up so people don�t take themselves too seriously. So I don�t take myself too seriously.�

Keane�s debut album, I Ain�t Even Lonely, released in 2005 to both critical acclaim and commercial success. "I Ain't Even Lonely sounds as if Keane played it in his head for years before finally laying it down. There's just such an easy grace at work here. May Mr. Keane make many more..." stated Michael Corcoran of XLent Magazine.

In March, Keane�s fans will get a preview of his sophomore effort, with the release of the single �Forbidden�, a semi-autobiographical tale of a romance that tests the boundaries of a personal faith. A full-length album is scheduled to follow in the fall of 2007.


I Ain't Even Lonely

Written By: Brian Keane

Well it was late one night when I left town,
The day they lain my father down,
There weren’t nobody else around,
Could tell me not to go,

I didn’t care for no one else,
In fact I didn’t even much like myself,
I was feeling tired, feeling low,
And heading out on my own.

Better they see a stranger than hear what you can’t do,
Better they think you’re quiet than know that you’re a fool,
Better know a little across the country than know well in this damn town,
Baby, I ain’t even lonely, I just ain’t got friends around.

Ten long years since my Daddy died,
Ten long years since last I cried,
I never have to feel alone,
I don’t feel much at all.

I never did figure out much more,
The one thing that I learned for sure,
Is that the only thing worse than being alone,
Is being with someone else.


Written By: Brian Keane

I’m gonna tell you this story that I once read,
About this cowboy who was a little messed up in the head,
For starters he went by this weirdo name of Odysseus,
Now Odysseus weren’t no cowboy name,
But he sure could play that cowboy game,
He could rope and ride and he could throw a real mean discus.

He was headed home from some far-off land,
Like Mississippi or Tex-Arkana,
He was trying to get to Ithaca, in New York State,
Met this dude named Poseidon that almost drowned him,
But this chick named Ino came along and found him…
I didn’t really get that part anyway.

What I liked is when he met this girl named Circe, you know
She was all hot and bothered and ready to go,
She invited all of his friends on over for supper.
Turned his buddies into pigs, and that’s a fact,
So he made love to her and she turned ‘em back,
I guess he was good in the sack or something.

Odysseus, why did you have to go?
Odysseus, whatever did you know?
Odysseus, was hard, Odysseus was fast,
That cowboy could really kick some ass.

Well he wasn’t really sure which way to head,
So for directions he went to the kingdom of the dead,
I ain’t sure where that is, but it sounds like Florida.
His momma lived there and she said hi,
He said no momma, I’m here to see this other guy,
She said well, you’re a real find son, then, aren’t you?

Finally he found this guy that knew the way,
He said now listen close to what I gotta say,
It’s a long hard ride and you’ll probably never even get there.
And all your friends they’re all gonna die,
And all you’re gonna wanna do is sit and cry,
And Odysseus said now, hold up… I make a left where?

So he packed his bags and he saddled up,
And he was headed out of town past this little club,
And from inside he heard this girl band called the Sirens,
Well he wanted to stay and hear a few,
But his buddies said no, man, we gotta move,
So he threw this big old tantrum but then he got on back to riding.

When he got home all of these men were there,
Eating all the food from his Frigidaire,
And not just two or three, but like forty-something.
They was hitting on his wife and making a scene,
So he killed them all and got away clean,
Didn’t even have to do community service or nothing.

His wife said I been so faithful babe,
And he said uh…. uh…. me too.
Except for that girl in that cave and a couple more,
And that beautiful woman on that island shore…
For like two years….
Anyways, baby, I been so faithful in my heart.


I Ain't Even Lonely -- 2005

Set List

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I Ain't Even Lonely
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Carry Me
You've Gone
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