Brian Lady

Brian Lady

 Bloomington, Indiana, USA

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My Shadow (wears a cowboy hat)

Written By: Brian Lady

My Shadow (wears a cowboy hat)!

Born and raised a Hoosier
where playin ball was every young boy's dream
but I had this thing for cowboy country
somethin different burns inside of me

An on my way to work each mornin
to that same ol job that I can hardly stand
my mind begins to wonder offto somewhere I've never been

Cause I dream about Tulsa, Amarillo and Cheyenne
places that I've never been but I can go there now an then
When I watch them ol westerns,its like somethins callin me back
must have been reincarnated, cause even when I dont
My shadow wears a cowboy hat

So it may not show in my appearance
its deeper than the eye could ever see
there must have been some kind of interference
somewhere, somehow a little cowboy got in me

Repeat Chorus!

How Love Should Be

Written By: Brian Lady

How Love Should Be
Like the highways and the country roads
that take you away and lead you home
Like the old songs on the radio
can take you back to a time you've known
Thats how love should be
like the joy and laughter of childhood memories
Like a lazy flowing river that just keeps rolling on
there's a gentle strength that keeps you holding on

Like the warmth of the summer sun
like a grand prize that you've just won
Like the chill of the autumn breeze
the peace and beauty of the fallin leaves

Thats how love should be
touches your senses and makes you feel free
changes like the seasons but solid as a stone
like somethin so familiar and somethin so unknown

Like the thrill of a fun park ride
like a secret you can't keep inside
like a timeless work of art
that leaves you breathless but starts your heart

Thats how love should be
like a midnight walk on an empty beach
Waves of passion rolling into the sea
forever baby, just you and me!

Country. Boy!

Written By: Brian Lady

Country. Boy!
He wears a big black cowboy hat
but I don't see a sweat ring
He wears faded blue cut up jeans
but did hard work put the holes in the knee's
He's gotta twang when he sings
He dresses like a country boy
but is the boy really country

Now here's real country boy!

Ropin steers, muckin stalls, I do it cause I love it y'all
I love to fish, hunt it all, gotta camo pack a turkey calls
Workin hard on the farm everyday slingin hay
I get my truck stuck in the mud just for fun
Yea I love the sound of my o'l coon hound
a John Deere's my favorite toy
now that's country. boy!

I get my butt up before the sun
cause I know how a farm is run
I'll go out drinkin with my friends
but not before my work is done
I put the twang in my strings
cause I'm real country boy

Repeat Chorus:


Repeat Chorus:

You hear tires hummin, you know who's comin
It's the real mcCoy, now that's country boy!