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Brian Lambert

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I am master at great melody. Viva la love ballads. I score movies. I am a prisoner of the Muse. I am a studio rat that doesn't see much sunshine.


About Brian Thomas Lambert

Brian Thomas Lambert is a professional composer, songwriter, audio engineer, digital editor, producer, mystic and licensed electrical contractor. He has written the popular song "Gift of Love" sung by Grammy Award winner Randy Travis on the end credits of the Sony feature "Baby Geniuses." Brian scored the soundtrack and wrote all of the songs, performed as well as audio mastered for Universal Pictures "The Sci-Fi Boys" Featuring such Sci-Fi Luminaries as Peter Jackson, Ray Harryhausen, Lucas and Spielberg. It won the Saturn Award for best Sci-Fi DVD release in 2006. Brian's latest movie soundtrack, the controversial feature documentary "Jesus in India", chronicling the 18 missing years of Christ's life in the New Testament is also distributed by Universal and aired on the Sundance Channel and Showtime . It features the Dalai Lama, the Shankarcharya of India and many more.

Brian also has had the great pleasure of working with talented and inspirational producer Kate McCallum and visionary video animator James Guy on the “Metasphere” DVD, a meditative look into workings of the inner life. Kate McCallum has also collaborated with Brian incorporating a piece of his entitled "Original Mind Pool" to compliment her must be heard meditation CD, which Brian also engineered and mixed for her.

Brian has scored "Metaphorical Journey" a film animating the works of world class Russian surrealist painter Vladmir Kush and animated by the talented animator Jan Lange.

Brian co- produced and arranged for Country Rock artist Dan Lak, he wrote all music for the the television pilot "Rock and Roll Gourmet" starring Sha Na Na's lead singer Johnny Contardo, as well Brian wrote theme for " The Fate Files" television pilot being considered by a major company.

Brian is currently in pre-production on a personal passion project -- a musical called " Doing Time On Planet Earth."


All The Love I have Gathered

Written By: Brian Thomas Lambert

All The Love I Have Gathered

all the love I have gathered
I have gathered it all for her
now just to tell her so
chorus to stop this aching wonder
but all my words when I am with her
fade away to my heart’s whisper
explanations die like fallen leaves in winter

but strongest summer I did feel
the first night that we met
a party at a friends
I won’t forget
I tried to get to you
but my words did not get through
and as you left my heart sang


then I went home and in my mind
I held you in my arms
I fell asleep and dreamt
that I was one
with all your charms
when.... morning broke the day
I had to get to you some way
and all the while my heart sang


Music and Lyrics by Brian Thomas Lambert


Various cues from the movie I scored Jesus in India is available through downloads.

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I am mostly doing studio work these days.