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I am a singer songwriter that believes I have a gift from God when it comes to music. All my life I have been writing music, however I never focused my energy in this direction. Partly because over the years the only thing I did was either to save me money or make me money. Music has just been a passionate hobby. I believe all human beings have gifts untapped and never developed because of responsibilities, the lack of vision, or work ethic to see it thru.

I have assembled some of the best and most creative musicians in the region. They feed off of each other musically and enjoy each others company. That's because I know for it to work they need to share similar core qualities.

First, none of us is bigger then the music we create. Second, we realize the skill each person brings to the table. Third, we are nice humble human beings that respect all people in our world. Let the music speak for itself. I believe it will carry us to heights few achieve. I can write prolific and timeless music based on rhythm primary, harmony and melody secondary and lyrics last, but makes a song timeless for all generations to come.


Uniqueness In Me

Written By: Brian Linne -ascap


It started a long time ago, but I knew it was going to grow.
As if it were out of my control.
Years of life woven around my soul, like finely tailored clothes.

It take years for people to come of age.
To say one day, I am life and life is in me.
The world that surrounds me, depends how far I can see...
how far can I see?
For my dreams are the sunrise, and my horizon is the journey.
Till the world that I dream, becomes reality.
That's the uniqueness in me, uniqueness in me.

To struggle from within, has never been a sin.
But those that are driven, have been given a special kind of rhythm.
Some say it's a mental prison with a need to succeed.
Then I think about the uniqueness in me.

A shooting star at night, snowflakes by starlight.
Colors that are black and white.
So picturesque is the sight... a simple prism of light.
Yet everything described is one of a kind, just like my mind.
Then I realize the world that I see is unique just like me.


This song is for those with dreams.
When your world only screams, what you can not be.
Remember the uniqueness in me is a world that you can see,
if only you believe.
So open your eyes to tomorrow's sunrise and journey as far...
as your eye...can see.

Discovering your originality is a uniqueness that only you can see.
For your dreams to be a reality

Guiding Light

Written By: Brian Linne


There's nothing for sure in life,
whether you deal in cards or roll some dice.
So...I suggest you heed my advice
& never loose sight of your valentine.
For her eyes will shine like the stars of night.
They will be your guiding light.

She's the rain that quenches the soil.
She's the sun rays that light up my world.
She's the sustenance that carries me through life's turmoil.

When she holds you tight,
you better squeeze her with all your might.
For...she needs to know everything's all right.
For she sows the grains of love in my heart.
So, we will never part, she's my guiding light.


Please God, give those the strength to prove their love again
so they will not be condemned for losing sight of their guiding light.
For her eyes shine like the stars of night She sows the grain of love in My heart

(Chorus, repeat two times)


CD: "Uniqueness In Me"
Song title, "Come Back To Me", has recieved airplay on the local college radio station.

Set List

My set list consists of my original music and covers. The original music list includes:

Come Back To Me
God Please Grant Me
Guiding Light
Let Your Love Reign Down On Me
Little Spell
Live For Today, Pray For Tomorrow
Never Mind Time
Paradise Discovered
San Diego Light (All That Is Beautiful)
Thank You
Uniqueness In Me
Winds Of Life (Angel)
Around The World
Friendship, Purest Form Of Love
Broken Winged Angel
Man On The Moon
Comfort Of Love
Only A Rose
My Heart Silently Screams
The Sculptor
Shared Cross
Can You Feel It
Baggage Of Love
Sun Will Always Follow

The Cover list includes:

Stairway To Heaven
Danny's Song
First Cut Is The Deepest
Don't Want To Talk About It
Ice Cream
You Got A Friend
Play Me
Moon Dance
Brown Eyed Girl
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Your Song
You Are So Beautiful
I'm A Believer
Come Monday
There's A Place In The Sun
Turn The Page
I'll Be