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Brian Lumley & Red Dirt Underground : Backroads

Red Dirt UndergroundIt's a delight to discover that Brian Lumley didn't learn to sing by the time he was six weeks old, played guitar like BB King when he was three and headlined his own TV show by the time he was five.

I see so many artist bio's about child prodigies who are about to become superstars that I cringe at them and then trash them.

But Brian (bless his aging boots) came to music much later in life (though I notice his bio is careful not to put numbers to the age he was).

A pal loaned him a CD of Texas music, he listened, loved it and set about his music career: he learned to play guitar and presumably realized he could sing, then set up his own band. OK ... there were wrinkles and problems along the way. But that IS it in a nutshell.

What makes this better is that anyone who gets to the PBR Finals in Vegas could get to see Bryan and RDU at the after event party!

And the moment this magnificent CD hits the player you find something about the man and his band. They're true to their musical roots. This moves easily between hard-driving, loud Texas Country rock to delicate acoustic tracks which tug the heartstrings. It is - in a word - BRILLIANT!

"Back Road Drivin' Tonight" - the lead off single - is an amazing powerful anthem about the life beyond the blacktop, and "Bars Are Made For Drinkin'" tells it like it says on the tin.

Of course, many in the music business see Texas music as Redneck through and through, and even the titles of the first two tracks on the band's debut album - "Backroads" lend themselves to that theory.

Which is where most folks would glance at the CD and pass it by. They SHOULDN'T!!

"Smile" is undoubtedly the album's highlight. Wonderful lyrics, the finest fiddle playing I've heard in many years, and such tight harmonies (who is THAT lady singer, guys?)that this has top ten written all over it! It's an acoustic song and it's devoid of drums!

When "Fall In Love" breaks into the chorus after the stilted verses, it is one of the best Country love songs I've heard in many a year.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: no Country album is complete these days without a "how it was back then" track. Here "Still Livin' The Dream" does the job. It's far from the best of it's type, it gets a little over-frantic close to the end. But it's good!

Elsewhere on the album, NOTHING disappoints though there are weaker moments.

on the positive side, "Don't Ever Doubt My Love" is a wonderful love song without being sloppy or sentimental and "No Stoppin' Us Now" starts out as though you're in for a bout of Texas rock, then dips out into a wonderful acoustic song with a rip roaring chorus.

"Little Bit Afraid Of You" is a gentle Country song, and I love the way Lumley relies on his own tones rather than pouring on reverb and delay for effect. I'm sure it's in the mix someplace, but so deftly used that it doesn't interfere.

But there are weaker songs: "Songs I Ain't Written Yet" is a cliche laden track which does little to inspire, and "When You Come Back To Me" is much the same. "With You Memory" is a strange song - an early effort I suspect.

So deep criticism: no credit for the pedal steel player, the fiddle player, the lady who sings those amazing harmonies.

Deeper praise. A varied album that keeps you on your toes! Lumley's vocals are brilliant throughout the album, the musicianship of the band is top class. - Rodeo Attitude


The album "Backroads" debuted following the radio play and success of the addictive single "Backroads Driving Tonight". Songwriting and vocals delivered as they are on this album combined with dreamboat looks probably won't allow front man Lumley to escape Nashville and country music's next generation of superstars. Yet, the album is clever in its authenticity and doesn't disappoint the waiting fan base up and down the red dirt road that these guys travel.



Organic and original, Brian Lumley and Red Dirt Underground plays alternative country rock that’s hard-hitting and honest. Influenced by musicians like Reckless Kelly and Cross Canadian Ragweed, Brian Lumley and RDU adds a new distinct Missouri Ozark Mountain dimension to the Texas country music scene.

John D. Lewis of RodeoAttitude News and RSS Country Music Reviews writes: "the moment this magnificent CD hits the player you find something about (Lumley) and his band. They're true to their musical roots. (They) move easily between hard-driving, loud Texas Country rock to delicate acoustic tracks which tug the heartstrings. It is - in a word - BRILLIANT!

Fans of genuine artist-driven music connect with Brian and RDU’s straight-shooting rhythms, lyrics, and edgy live shows. And although they have only been together for a little over a year, Brian and the guys are already making a name for themselves within the Texas music movement. Since joining together in January of 2008, they have played their way though Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, and of course a few local shows back home in Missouri. They also recently returned from a trip out West to play at the historic Maverick Lounge outside Santa Barbara, CA and the PBR Finals in Las Vegas, NV. Doing it their own way with original tunes written by Brian and produced entirely by the band, they have recently completed their first CD titled, “Backroads”. it’s a genre definitive album and is already receiving great reviews from the Austin as well as Nashville music scenes. The album is available now through live shows, CDBaby, and Itunes.

Since January of 2008, the band has had the opportunity to play shows with Jason Boland, Randy Rogers, Bleu Edmondson, Mike McClure, Brandon Jenkins, and Jarrod Birmingham as well as many festivals, bullrides, rodeos, and red dirt venues across the Midwest, including the Snorty Horse Saloon, Dirty's Tavern, Twisters, and the Outland Ballroom.