brian macmillan

brian macmillan

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

A soulful blend of folk, pop and world music. Thoughtful Music that makes you wanna move!!!


'Brian Macmillan carries a calm, warm and seasoned soul in his lanky bones. Lyrics are optimistic, but not naive; he preaches patience, that there will be Another Day, and appears to be at peace with the circle of life.'
Andy Frank, producer, Take 5 CIUT 89.5 fm

'..keyboard flourishes and bouncy bass, inject a little Bruce Cockburn-meets-Paul Simon reggae/dub into his wholesome sunniness. An easygoing, optimistic debut.'
Ian Nathanson, Metro News

Brian's uplifting and multi-layered original songs
are a dynamic blend of Pop and Folk music, strongly
rooted in rhythm.

Equally at ease and captivating as a solo performer
or with his trio, Brian has enchanted audiences all
over North America.

Brian released his critically acclaimed debut
entitled, "Let The Darkness Go", in 2006. Brian has since toured the album across Canada twice, gathering a solid fan-base along the way. He continues to be heavily supported by the CBC and
national college radio stations.

Brian is currently finishing his 2nd album, "Shine",
to be released in the spring of 2009. Brian is
honoured to have this new recording graciously
funded by EcoPartner.

The Ontario Council of Folk Festivals recognized
Brian's songwriting in 2005 by awarding him the Colleen Peterson Award. He is also a 2 x Ontario Arts Council grant recipient.

Brian enjoyed a wonderfully busy 2008 performing
at such festivals as Mariposa, Shelter Valley, Blue
Skies, Eaglewood and Home County as well as Knox Acoustic Cafe, Just Milton Folks and the Aylmer Town Hall Music Series.

Brian has performed on all three previous Barenaked Ladies Ships and Dips cruises, sharing the
stage with greats like Barenaked Ladies, Sarah Harmer, The New Odds and Great Big Sea.

Outside of his busy solo career Brian is also in demand as a sideman, appearing on albums by Garth Hudson (The Band), Barenaked Ladies, Kevin Hearn,
Wailin' Jennys, Lori Cullen, Jory Nash, Mr. Something Something, Nine Mile, Layah Jane and Eden Hertzog.

"Let The Darkness Go" can be purchased at



Written By: Brian MacMillan

Many people are wondering
and I am one the same
Will we hear the thunder
will we feel the rain
Oh many hearts are floundering
though some may see the sun
Many of us are walking
but some of us must run

When you shine your light your light shines on x3
Shine your light

Many of us are buckling
underneath a weight
And many carry burdens
they have been handed down as fate
But when I look towards you
the whole world fades away
And when I look towards you
the sweetest music plays

When you shine your light your light shines on x3
Shine your light

Someday we’re gonna rise up! x4

Many people are wondering
when it’s gonna end
And many people reach out
looking for a friend
But love is in the valley
love is in the peaks
Love is in the clean slate
love is in the streaks

When you shine your light your light shines on x3
Shine your light

Someday we’re gonna rise up…..


Written By: Brian MacMillan

We raise them high
They touch the belly
Of the sky
We watch the world from
Up where we sit
We see the heartache
And we turn from it
We get so high we think we are above it all
Well I think tonight
We’re gonna fall…

We lay the roads down
And pave the dirt
A million fingers
To squeeze the earth
The world is changing
Within our hands
Many mountains
Will turn to sand
We’ve come so far we think we are beyond it all
Well I think tonight
We’re gonna fall…

Many marching
Are told to win
Fueled by reason
That’s paper thin
Many daughters
And many sons
Many silenced
By the gun
We’ve come so far we think we are beyond them all
Well I think tonight
we’re gonna fall…

Everyday we wake up walking to a new day’s sun
And every time we turn away we turn away on us…repeat

Now I Know

Written By: Brian MacMillan

Can we shed our skin
long enough to
let some light come in?
let some light come in...

And can we shed our lies
long enough to
open up our eyes?
open up our eyes...

Now I know
love is on it's way
Now I know
that we can make a change

Can we shed our tears
long enough to
wash away our fears?
wash away our fears...

Can we shed our hate
long enough to
see what it creates?
see what it creates...

Now I know
love is on it's way
and now I know
we can make a change
make a change

Can we hear the heart
beating in the ground
long enough to
lay our anger down?

Can we hear the march
of people in the street
long enough to bring us to our feet?

Cause now I know
love is on it's way
and now I know
we can make a change
we can make a change...


"Gone To See The Morning"- 2000 - debut release..
"Let The Darkness Go"- 2007
"Shine" - to be released spring 2009

Set List

A typical set list consists of anywhere from 40 mins to 2 hours worth of original music peppered with some choice covers.
I feel equally at home playing solo or in a band setting.