Brian Melvin

Brian Melvin


The Brian Melvin trios or quartets just about do anything musically. With Jazz as its root, they blend in music from the Beatles to standards, with world music as well.


The trio has a wide open background. Influenced by every kind of music. A modern guitar trio in the vain of Scofield or Metheney trio.


Brian has led about 12 of his own dates and is on many others as a sideman, His current trio outing is FOG. Also he is the drummer and leader of Beatlejazz. The current projects and past have a very high radio tracking record. His trio date, Standard Zones, with Jon Davis and Jaco Pastorius was a number 1 disc for 15 weeks. And Beatlejazz id one of todays leading jazz trios. Look for Fog to do the same.

Set List

The trio has over 300 songs in their set list and hundreds of standards as well.