Brian Moore

Brian Moore


modern acoustic jazz guitar, flamenco, pop, some singer/songwriter stuff.


Toronto based music teacher, performs in TTC, sideman in variety of styles, performed with Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, opened for Gloria Estefan, K.C & the Sunshine Band, John Cale, jazz compostions featured on CBC and NPR, national TV appearances on YTV and FOX



Written By: Brian Moore

Northern lights shine on so pretty
It's a beautiful sight.

Towering heights look over the city
It's a world inside.

Northern lights shine on the faces
Of people everywhere.

I don't want or need anything
but my Toronto
and the streetcar fare.

I went downtown
on the rocket train
climbed the CN
it took my breath away
to see the skydome
opening wide
it reveals a city
with the world inside


I went downtown
on the rocket train
I saw the stars
hanging out at Bay
they said they're staying
an extra night
because everyone in Canada
is so polite


numerous recordings. examples at

Set List

my repetoire includes several thousand songs
sets typically include a wide variety of styles
set length and specific songs are arranged on an individual basis