Brian Mullins

Brian Mullins


As far back as I can remember I've wanted to sing and play music. It's always been important for me to share something personal. So if a lyric or a melody can change a mood or make a difference for someone then maybe I'm doing something right. So take a listen and see if it strikes a chord in you.


Brian Mullins is a born drummer whose intensity behind the drums is only rivaled by his passion behind the mic. After years of rockin' the drums, bongos -- or anything he could get his hands on -- he finally decided to emerge from the drums and take center stage, where his soulful lyrics and powerful melodies found a home. With a versatile voice that can hit you with agonizing grit in one song and smooth melancholy with the next, this promising new artist is pouring every bit of emotion into his music, and the result is harmonious intensity juxtaposed with raw bite.



Written By: Brian Mullins

Verse 1:
I don't know where it started
Or how it's supposed to be
But, the ignorance inside you
Is eating away at me

I don't know what I wait for
Your always two steps behind
I'm lost in infatuation and
I'm slowly losing mind

I don't want to waste
As time goes by
Just sit around
And wonder why
It's now all cracked inside
Your heart
Let's just be for awhile

'Cause I don't want to waste
As time goes by
Just sit around
And wonder why
It's now all cracked inside
Your heart
Let's just leave for awhile

Verse 2:
Or we could just wait
Until morning comes
And get lost in the shadows
Of what you and i've become

Well I'm tired and twisted
And I can't hear a sound
You're pulling me under and
I'm slowly losing ground

x Repeat Chorus

When there's nothing left to say
All we had we've thrown it away
There's no reason to hesitate
Oh, maybe
Another time, another place
But you know, that i can't wait

x Repeat Chorus

Feel The Water

Written By: Brian Mullins

Verse 1:
Well, I'm staring at a distance
At a place I knew before you and
With every step that i take i'm
Walking two steps out your door

Well, they say sense is madness
Because you were never kind and
All These moments fade like
Memories and your falling from my mind

I can't feel the water, your water
I'm down on my knees, please say
I can't feel the water, your water
And it's hard to believe
There's no child left in me

Verse 2:
Well, I'm forty miles from nowhere
And I don't know my own face
I've just dumped my faith like an
Ash tray and now I'm scattered
In my own space

Man, i've tried picking up the pieces
It's like building puzzles out of sand
And it's hard to hide your feelings
When you're walking the line of
Your hands

x Repeat Chorus

Down to this moment
It all belonged to me and
Everywhere I'm going and
Every place i've known
Then my life has come
Right down to this

Verse 3:
My love is like the ocean
Because it's so far... far away
But I wait for you like a turning
Leaf waits for another rainy day

I just look into tommorrow
Because that what it is to be a man
And I take my life for what it's worth
And I will run till I can't stand

x Repeat Chorus


Written By: Brian Mullins

Verse 1:
Oh, and I just can't breathe
I lose my words when I speak
Everytime you're around me.

It's a Tragedy
That you don't know why
You change the colors in my sky
With just a look from your eyes

I would never be the kind of man
To run around and treat you bad
And ignore you
So fast to take your hand
He claims to understand
That everything he does is good
For you... but

Verse 2:
It's a Tragedy
To see you with him
With those wandering eyes
That always pass you by... but

It's a Tragedy
That he brings you down
Oh, girl it's just gravity
That keeps your feet on the ground

x Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
It's a Tragedy
Mmmm... and I still can't breate
I still loose my words when I speak
Everytime your around me

It's a Tragedy
Been working nine to five
I wish you would go away, yeah
And let me get back to my life

Exit Chorus:
It's a Tragedy
Oh, my tragedy
Bitter sweet tragedy
And you will
Never be with me

Turn The Light On

Written By: Brian Mullins

Verse 1:
I look for pictures that are
Floating out of frames and
Wooden candles lit by
Calling out your name

I've seen danger through
The forest of these brilliant trees
And nothing they tell me
Will take away this disease

So, turn the light on
I want to ride on love
Turn the light on
I want to ride on love

Verse 2:
Well, I've been walking for miles
Carrying this heavy load
So many times I've wanted to put
It down and just drive the road

But somewhere along the way
I lost the rhythm and the rhyme
Remembering something you said
Makes me think it'll be
Different this time

x Repeat Chorus

I've been asleep so long
And it seems like years
Since we've had the chance
To wipe away these tears
I know we're different
And it's easy to see
I've we get back together
Will we finally be

x Repeat Chorus

Verse 3:
Well, I can clearly see
The writing on the wall
It's not too late for us
We don't have to fall

We've come so far
Let's not turn away
This road of life has brought us here
And here I want to stay

x Repeat Chorus

I want to ride on LOVE

Ride on...Turn the Light On

Cause I want to ride
On your Love


Written By: Brian Mullins

Verse 1:
Like a blade of grass
We are split in two
We once loved to dance
But now we've lost the mood

So you speak to me in rhythm
But you forget your notes
Another language lost when
Your words have grown too old

I still keep on Waiting
Anticipating Love
When all I've got left here is hope
I still keep on Waiting
Anticipating it all

Verse 2:
The first time
That I saw you
My eyes went blind and
I couldn't see through

Your love sick disguise
You've caught me again... yeah
Don't you know that mistakes
They happen now and then

x Repeat Chorus

The moment that I found out
To little to late
I can't get out
Of life
It warms my face
The things that we say
Oh they're the things
We can't erase.

x Repeat Chorus

Still keep on Waiting
Anticipating it all


5 song EP, "2 Steps Out Your Door," is currently in progress.

Set List

Set List is (almost) all Originals and usually lasts about an hour. I can cut or lengthen the set based on your needs and the venue.

01. Feel The Water
02. Cracked
03. Philadelphia (going home)
04. Slide
05. Tragedy
06. Lose Your Love (outfield cover)
07. Back to Madison
08. Turn The Light On
09. Waiting
10. Falling for You
11. Halfway there
12. FaFa (Guster Cover)
13. Holding On Tight
14. Everyday We Change
15. Cross the Street (compilation of some good old rockabilly tunes.)