Elegant Gentleman

Elegant Gentleman


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New Kind of Country

Written By: Brian Murphy, John Anderson, Juanita Ford

Still whined down slow then cat moan fast.
It’s rockin’ the empty bottles off of the bar and breakin’ glass.
It’s lips and hips and soft caress.
It’s a new Kinda Country passing the old Country test.

But it’s still feet loud stomping and hearts still pounding -
It’s bringing smiles from the weary eyes all full of tears.
It’s still pick up trucking and bad luck lovin’.
It’s a new Country built on the same old hope’s and fears.

Hear that fiddle whine?
Hear that car door slam?
Hear that steal guitar?
Hear your heart beat louder when you see your man?

Hear that new Country beat?
Wondering if it’s lost its way?
It’s loud on up town streets.
Like that back street Roadhouse where them Texas
Boys they used ta play.

Turn Around:

It’s a new country beat
That makes you wanna dance
Forget what’s wrong tonight
It’s always gonna stay wrong if you give it a chance

Take that new Country beat
Honey wipe those tears away.
This here Country’s for the soul
Listen to them guitars play.

It’s got the same old feelin’
That your mama used ta love
Took her off ta places
Like she was on a magic carpet – not just vacuuming a rug

Country music sure can be a whisper
From your lover to your ear
Or it can be you full of mad
Got something for ole boy ta hear

This is a new Country every day
The one thing though that stays the same
It’s the feeling that them guitars play
And the stomping yell them blues away