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Brianna Blankenship

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2021

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Established on Jan, 2021
Band Country Pop




"Country Singer Brianna Blankenship Warms Up For a Big Future"

Brianna Blankenship is a country singer/songwriter based out of Pennsylvania. The production, vocals and lyrics of her first single, released on May 29th, called, “Church” has Brianna already on the radar of many in the Country Music Industry. Brianna’s distinct vocals on this upbeat single have her capturing the attention of all who hear her song. With the reaction to her song “Church”, Brianna already has her fans anxiously awaiting her next release. You can find “Church” on all music streaming platforms and all of her social media links in her LinkTree (more links below)

Danielle/MT: Who are some of your musical influences? When did you know music was your calling and when did you figure out why you needed to pursue music as your career?

Brianna: I am inspired mostly by Danielle Bradberry and Tenille Townes. I knew I has a passion for music about 3 years ago. I knew I needed to pursue it about two years ago.

MT: How long have you been singing and performing for?

Brianna: I took singing lessons for about 3 years through high school, but I didn’t start singing in front of people until my Junior year in high school. I then began gigging out a little over 2 years ago.

MT: Who do you enjoy listening to as a fan?

Brianna: I really am growing to love Lady A most recently!

MT: When was your very first recording and release?

Brianna: I recorded my first single “Church” in Nashville in November 2019 and it was just released May 29th, 2020.

MT: You recently released your single “Church”. Can you explain more about the meaning of the song and how it ties into your music goals?

Brianna: The meaning behind Church describes the feelings and experiences that one person has at church and their relationship with God to the love relationship they are currently experiencing. This song really gives my listeners a feel for how my sound is going to be in other music as well.

MT: How old are you now and when did you write your first song?…. Can you describe your current sound? Has your sound changed since you wrote your first song?

Brianna: I am 21 and wrote my very first song at about 18/19 years old. My sound is quite the same, but I am changing as I grow as a singer and an artist. I am finding more ways to use my voice.

MT: Do you have a favorite performance to date and why?

Brianna: My favorite performance so far would be at the McKean County Fair. That show was one of the first ones that I really got to perform original music for people and really connect with my fans.

MT: What has been your biggest challenge in your music career so far? How did you overcome that obstacle?

Brianna: MY CONFIDENCE: I haven’t completely overcome it, but I am working every day on growing and developing it. Each day that goes by I am building it.

MT: From what you have learned about your challenges in the music business, what advice would you like to give upcoming new artists?

Brianna: Keep pushing for your goals and dreams no matter how far they seem. You will get a thousand no’s before just one yes. Just keep working hard and success will come! - Danielle Haskell

"Brianna Blankenship: "Church” - Gas Mask Magazine"

Break out your Sunday best because Pennsylvania-based singer-songwriter Brianna Blankenship has us feeling love in the air with her debut single, “Church.”

On this cheeky track, the country singer likens the love between two people to the love congregants feel when they go to church. Blankenship’s lyrics are a glittering sea of sweet and clever metaphors. “This love is holy water and I’m diving in,” Blankenship passionately proclaims.

Blankenship’s passion for singing began when she used to perform in her school’s chorus and musicals. Her music combines country sensibilities with a nice dose of pop punch. Her lyrics are filled with vivid imagery and classic storytelling techniques while her pop-inflected melodies have just a hint of rock n’ roll. Her charismatic vocal performance and charming lyrics take this country-pop number to new heights.

Blankenship’s fresh take on this genre shows that the artist has a knack for revitalizing tried-and-true musical techniques. We know this star-on-the-rise has more tricks up her sleeve and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

Stream the track below, and be sure to tell us what you think on social media at: @gasmaskmagazine. Feel free to connect with our writer as well: @emkopel! - Emma Kopelowicz

"Start, Sit & What Makes You Country - In-Between Media"

I’ve known Brianna Blankenship, 22, since we were kids. Her dad was my elementary wrestling coach, and her brother was a consistent presence in my life growing up. What I didn’t know was that Brianna would one day become a professional country singer/songwriter.

She first began performing in elementary school chorus, featuring the muddled vocals of the 10-year-old version of me. But it was during the high school production of “Footloose” when her performing skills were really showcased.

Throughout her varsity years, Brianna auditioned numerous times for “The Voice,” spending her weekend waiting 10+ hours in life after traveling to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia or New York City. All the while, my friends and I at the same age were occupied causing the mischief described previously.

Though it’s often not discussed on the airing of reality singing competition shows like “The Voice” and “American Idol,” participants have several rounds of auditions before they ever make it to the celebrity auditions. Paired with multiple interviews and 10+ hours of waiting, it’s easy to see how these auditions could weigh on any teenager.

“I think the hardest thing when I was in high school when getting the noes was I would tell others I was going to audition [for the Voice], and then everyone gets excited for me,” Brianna said in an April 9 interview. “Then I would come back and didn’t make it. It was more of a learning experience of what not to do.”

Brianna graduated high school with plans to attend cosmetology school in a time that’s beginning to feel like lifetimes ago: 2016.

In the vital, self-discovering time that comes after most people graduate, she picked up the guitar and began to learn more songs. Finally feeling comfortable enough, Brianna began sharing videos of herself singing for social media.

Eventually, she was discovered by a music scout from Nashville. She’s since been working with a Music City-based team of vocal coaches, songwriters and a Grammy Award-nominated producer.

“Everyone that I’ve worked with on this team has been very supportive,” she said. “Coming from a small town, I didn’t know anything about the music industry. I just knew how to play guitar and sing. And there really is a lot to it. I mean, I’m still learning as I’m going.”

In 2019, Brianna auditioned for “American Idol” and at last made it to the celebrity round of judging in Washington D.C. There, she received a “yes” from Luke Bryan but received a “no” from both Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, noting she needed to work on her confidence – something she’s continued to keep in mind.

Last year, despite COVID-19, Brianna released her first two singles, “The Good Guy” and “Church.” Her audience has continued to grow, as she played a venue in Florida earlier this year, and she will be playing in Pittsburgh this month, Erie, Pennsylvania, in May and Ohio in the summer.

Despite her success, Brianna is still holding true to her small-town roots as much as she did when she began her music journey.

She acquired her cosmetology degree, but she currently works at an eye doctor’s office near her hometown. She’s learned it’s best for her to work a standard 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. job to allow her to play shows on the weekend.

Gigging aside, continuing to practice her songwriting and performing, in addition to managing other aspects of her music career, is a full-time job in itself.

“My biggest goal is just to be doing music full time and not having to play this double life,” she said.

On the weekends when Brianna’s not performing, you can usually find her hopping around to different venues listening to as many undiscovered local artists as she can.

“Go for your goals,” she said. “Go for your dreams. No matter how big they seem. I’ll be here cheering you on every step of the way because I’m still trying to cheer myself on. It does not matter where you’re from. Coming from a small town shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want to do and live out your dreams.” - Seth Woolcock


This week's interview is from US singer-songwriter, Brianna Blankenship. Brianna is one artist, I have loved getting to know especially after I heard her single, Church.

Hey Brianna. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview with me.
Hey Kellie! Thank you for this amazing opportunity!
Firstly, I would like you to introduce yourselves to our readers?​
Hello everyone! My name is Brianna Blankenship. I am 21 years old and I am from a very small town in Pennsylvania. I have always loved singing for fun, but I took music on professionally about three years ago. Country Music is my passion, but I have a love for all genres. I just released my first singled called, Church on all music streaming platforms!

How old were you were you decided to start writing your own songs? And when did you write and perform your first song?​
I have always had a passion for writing no matter how bad the songs were! I used to write songs when I was 7 years old with my best friends, we always competed and had our parents judge our songs, haha! The first song I actually wrote and performed was a song called 36 Days written for my boyfriend, Tyler, and I was probably 19 when I first performed it for anyone.

Where and when did you first perform any of yours songs and how old were you?
I have been performing out for a little over two years now. ​Coming from a small town, I try to travel to play as much as I can. Sometimes I’ll drive four hours just to sing for 30 minutes and drive back home the same night. I am very passionate about getting my music out to people that I will do anything to get it heard. It’s all about the passion and drive I have for music. I first started performing live when I was about 19.

What is your favourite country song and who is your favourite country artist (can be more than one)?
My favorite current country song is definitely Champagne Night by Lady A! It’s such a fun, upbeat summer song! My favorite artist is Danielle Bradbery. I have been following her journey and music since she was the winner on The Voice. Another artist that has really been inspiring me lately is Tenille Townes. Her voice is very recognizable and her songs have such powerful meanings and are so strong. Her music has really inspired me to work hard on storytelling through music.
What great choices!

But, I'd like to think this question is even harder but I'm going to ask anyway what is the most inspirational song you have heard?
I have heard a lot of amazing songs, but nothing that beats I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack. That has always been my favorite song and still is to this day.
OMG, this song is so special and unique. Nothing beats I Hope You Dance when you are struggling.

Now let's talk about your 2020 plans and your latest single...
My 2020 plans are to keep performing out, writing, and making as many connections as I can. I am very excited to write and put out new music that people can fall in love with and can relate to.

Brianna, please can you tell us a little about your latest single, Church?
Definitely! When I first heard the demo for Church in the studio I totally fell in love. This song compares the feelings/experiences a person has at church and their relationship with God, to the love relationship they are experiencing. It is very different compared to the love songs you hear on country radio now. I wanted a song that was different, but also very relatable.

Did you always plan to release Church as a single from the moment you wrote the song?
Yes, as soon as I heard the demo in the studio I fell in love. I knew it was the one I wanted to put out first.
Songs that happen like this are magical, and it definitely shows how much you love this song.

Now, I have to ask you how was the recording for Church?
It was definitely intimidating going to record with a Grammy nominated producer/composer, but it was so fun. He made everything feel natural and so easy. It was definitely the BEST experience in my music career yet!

Does the release of Church mean that we can expect a EP from you before 2020 is over?
I don’t plan to release an EP, yet. I plan to release one more single very soon. The foundational work for an EP is being laid out for the future.

I love asking this question in our interviews but how would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Independent, Humble, and Determined.

Then, can I ask you to sum your music up in just 3 words?​
Relatable, Passionate, and Authentic.
What do you hope 2020 will bring for you as an artist?​
I hope it brings new music, new connections with other artists and musicians, and new fans! The best feeling is looking back on the year before and watching yourself and you as an artist grow.

And before I let you go I have to ask with your not being from the UK, I have to ask could we expect to see you over here one day?​
I definitely hope so!!​

Thank you so much for your time, Brianna.
Thank you again, Kellie! - Kellie


Still working on that hot first release.



Brianna Blankenship has never been afraid of the journey to the top. From the time she was ten years old, Brianna was performing in her school chorus and starring in musicals in her hometown of Kane, PA. Inspired by rising country starlets Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, at 18 Brianna taught herself guitar and began gigging out and performing country music as an independent artist. Leading up to October of 2019, Brianna got the opportunity to compete on ‘American Idol’. Following up to 2021, Brianna recently played at the ‘Barefoot Country Music Festival’ in New Jersey as one of the opening acts prior to artists including Chris Lane, Jimmie Allen, and Dan + Shay. Brianna always loved to perform, but always wanted to bring more to the stage than music alone; her mission is to bring humanity to her listener’s hearts. Brianna’s music has been described as passionate and powerful; her lyrics encompass everything from the deepest moments to the highlights of life. You can find her music on all major streaming platforms.

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