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"Valley Mall Gig"

Brianna Carpenter - fresh from her idol experience is keen to show her
audience just what it was that got her into idol in the first place.
Her original music speaks volumes of her raw artistic talent and her live
shows are not to be missed. Brianna's performances are always intriguing
& leave her audiences wanting more.
The Multi instrumentalist remains tight-lipped about her idol experience,
opting instead to focus on recording her eagerly awaited debut album.
Going into the BAM studio’s on the 8th of November, Brianna will work with
producer Brendan Anthony, with the album due for release Mid 2008.
Producer Brendan Anthony has worked on albums with a variety of big
name Australian Artists such as George, Wendy Matthews, Ian Moss,
Midnight Oil & INXS. Brianna and Brendan are thrilled with this opportunity
to work together on the record.
“I am really excited to go into the studio with Brendan. We've known each
other for a while and we work really well together. I'm recording songs
that I have played live and some fresh new ones too so it should be a lot
of fun“
Brianna will be performing solo until the Album release Launch in 2008,
when she will tour with a band.
Brianna Carpenter will be performing her original music at a Free all ages
gig in the China Town Mall Night Markets on Friday 9th November from 6:30
Don’t miss this opportunity to see her perform her original music in the
stunning China Town Rotunda. - Chiki Productions

"Interview with Brianna Carpenter"

List five words that describe you:
Arty, spontaneous, fun, determined and a chocoholic

If you could be anybody else, who would you be?
Probably Richard Branson! That man is an absolute genius. I mean sure, if I was to become him I’d be shaving quite a few years off my life but he really is spectacular. I read his autobiography early last year and was blown away with the amount he has achieved. It’s not about having all his money either, although that would come in handy, it’s the fact that he has such remarkable ideas and dreams and always manages to turn them into reality. He’s not afraid of anyone, and takes risks wherever possible.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from looking out the window in my music room and seeing the world existing around me. I draw inspiration from the stories I’m told by my friends. I feed off their misfortunes and turn them into songs! How delightful! More recently I’ve gained a lot of inspiration from travelling overseas. I went to Europe by myself where I travelled around for 10 weeks not knowing any other languages, and for a lot of the time I had no idea which country I was going to be in the following day. All the whacky people I met on my travels, the beautiful scenery and the feeling of intense loneliness at times were all fuel for the fire.

How would you describe your work?

List your three favourite things:
Sunday Markets, my guitar Rufus and Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.

What do you consider to be essential in your creative process?
A pen, some paper and a messy room

Do you have a life/creative highlight?
The biggest highlight for me to date would have to be my time overseas. I saw 12 countries in 10 weeks and have never felt so alive, yet so tired at the same time. I never anticipated that I would see so much or meet so many amazing people, and doing it by myself was an incredible feat. I was only 19 at the time. A friend of mine came over for the last three weeks of my trip which was great. A familiar face was surreal yet very comforting.

How do you imagine yourself in ten years time and what challenges do you imagine you’ll face along the way?
My biggest hope is that I’ll be living out of home by then! In all seriousness, I hope to be a fairly well known singer/songwriter in both Australia and more optimistically, internationally. I want to be working with as many talented musicians as possible and as often as possible. I also can see myself hopefully finally having enough money to buy that house in Spain. If I am to have children I expect that they will be somewhere within the next 10 years as well, (I don’t fancy being an old Mother). I expect many challenges, like Searching for a record deal, a manager, good marketing, reliable and punctual musicians (very hard to come by).

Is there an idea or subject that you feel obsessed by or curious about at the moment?
How to play the Harp and Dulcimer; Both incredibly interesting instruments in my opinion and I have no idea how to play either of them. I watch in awe those who can play these stringed instruments and I’m currently looking into buying a small beginner dulcimer myself! The thirst for instrumental experimentation is always presen -

"Sound Proposition for Hearing Funds"

Despite being profoundly deaf, Brianna Carpenter is aspiring to a singing career Now she wants to help other hearing-impaired youngsters.
The Australian Idol finalist yesterday launched the annual Butterfly Appeal for the hearing impaired in Brisbane's Queen St Mall.
Brianna led a parade through the Mall along with a butterfly stilt-walker and children from the hear and Say Centre.
Many of the children were part of Queensland's newborn screening program, which has significantly increased detection of hearing loss.
Gina Preston, 13, has been with the Hear and Say Centre since she was diagnosed at the age of two.
She received her second hearing implant last year and said it had changed her life.
"It is amazing how much I can hear now, especially things like the direction of sound, which was just impossible before," she said.
Meeting Brianna Carpenter was the highlight of the day for Gina, who is in Year 8 at St Aidan's College, Corinda.
"I was a little nervous, but she was really nice and I loved her song," she said.
The song, Hush, was written especially for the appeal by Brianna, who says she was inspired by the Hear and Say Centre's continual efforts to help hearing-impaired children.
"The song is very new," she said. "I only finished writing it a week ago, so these guys were absolutely the first to hear me perform it."
Brianna plans to record the song and post it on her MySpace page for fans to download.
The Hear & Say Centre hopes to use the song as an anthem for the appeal, which runs until April 30, with a target of $200,000.
The money raised will be used to fund 20 new places for children in the program. - Courier Mail

"On The Launch Pad"

IT’S been a long time coming, but Brianna Carpenter is happy to announce she’s
finally releasing her debut album on Friday. After a lot of research the unsigned artist decided to release the album Harlequin independently online. ‘‘I went down to Sydney to
suss out my distribution options and I just really wanted to get it out there,’’ she said.
‘‘I get a lot of hits every time I post something on MySpace, so I figured online is the best
way to gauge how many people are interested.’’ Brianna said the success of the online launch would be a major bargaining tool to get the album into stores nationwide.
‘‘If I want to get it in the shops I can go to distribution companies and say ‘this many
people have shown interest and I’ve sold this many copies online’,’’ she said.
Brianna recorded Harlequin at the Ormeau recording studio of Brendan Anthony, who was her lecturer during her studies in the Queensland Conservatorium’s Bachelor in Pop Music program at the Gold Coast.
‘‘I could have spent a lot more money and done it in a different way but I felt comfortable
with him,’’ she said. ‘‘He was really good at listening to me and then making those ideas happen.’’
The release of the album is a big milestone for the Brisbane based singer, who included a
few songs she wrote when she was just 14 years old.
‘‘It’s been a very long process and I’m really happy with how it’s sounding,’’ she said.
‘‘It’s also a relief to see the completion of something that’s been in the works for so long.’’
The 15-track album plays for just under an hour and Brianna said it was important to put out something with a bit of substance.
‘‘I know I get really annoyed when I pay $20 or more for a CD and then I get it home and there’s only 10 tracks on it,’’ she said.
Her launch party at The Globe on Friday features a number of Gold Coast artists, including her drummer, bass and acoustic guitar players.
‘‘Both of my supporting acts, Amy Cushway and Fatis Valour, are also from the Coast and they’re phenomenal.’’
She had originally planned to have the launch party a few weeks after the album’s online debut, but when the opportunity came up to hold it at The Globe she jumped at the chance.
‘‘I’ve always wanted to play at The Globe because it’s such a cool space,’’ she said.
‘‘The only opening in June was the same day of my online launch, so I figured it must have been fate.’’
The Globe show kicks off at 8pm and tickets are $10 from the venue. Brianna’s album is available from online retailers such as iTunes and her website,
She will also play an all ages gig on June 20 at The Hive on Elizabeth Street in Brisbane. - Gold Coast Bulletin - Seanna Cross

"Brianna Carpenter - Rave Magazine"

Next week, Brisbane-based musician and former Idol performer BRIANNA CARPENTER will judge the Soma Singer Songwriter Search competition – ALASDAIR DUNCAN catches up with her to talk about the pressures of judging, her time as an Idol, and her forthcoming album.
Though most people would know Brianna Carpenter form her performance on Australian Idol, the Brisbane-based singer/songwriter had been recording her own music for several years prior to appearing on the show. She traveled through Europe with a guitar – marveling at the musical life and street art of Barcelona – and went on to record and self-release a debut album, while establishing herself as a figure on the local touring circuit. Given all of this, I wonder, why did she decide upon a potential career as an Idol?
“I tried out because I found out you could sing original songs and play instruments at the first audition,” she says, “although I never really had that much of an urge to do it. My family pushed me – they told me I had a really great thing, and I should let as many people as possible see it. I couldn’t believe how positive they were about my original stuff – the response I’ve since had on my MySpace has been really great also. I’m not necessarily an Idol-based singer, but Idol turned out to be a really good platform.”
One of Carpenter’s most memorable performances on the show was her version of the Regina Spektor song Fidelity – I’m wondering, is Carpenter a committed fan of the New York-based musician? “Absolutely,” she says, “I found her on MySpace just before she got big here, which was really cool – I was drawn to her display picture and clicked on it and thought, oh man, I love this girl! A few weeks later, she was massive on Triple J.” So did Carpenter also catch Spektor on her last Australian tour? “I did, and it was awesome, so intimate. You don’t often see shows that are really good when it’s just a soloist, but it was great. She’s funny and weird, and the gig was all ages, so there were little people there too, which I love.”
“I’m recording at the moment with Brendan Anthony, who has worked with George, INXS and Wendy Matthews, and it will hopefully be out in May. The album will be fairly folk pop-based, but there’ll be influences of electronic stuff in there as well, because I’m into that ina fairly big way. I really like Endorphin, also Portishead and Masive Attack – that sort of melancholy, dark electronic music. That’s definitely going to be a big influence on the album.”
Is Carpenter nervous at all about her upcoming judging gig at the Soma Singer Songwriter Search, given that this time, she will be on the other side of the desk? “It’s going to be hard,” she says. “I mean, I’ll feel bad if I have to say to someone ‘that’s a crap song’, because we’ll be listening specifically to and judging people’s very personal expressions. It’s a bit weird, I guess I’ll have to be honest but not too critical …”
The SOMA SINGER SONGWRITER SEARCH final happens at barsoma on Friday November 30, 7:30PM. Cover is $15 on the door, and the night includes a special performance by BRIANNA CARPENTER. - Alasdair Duncan

"Brianna hears call of the Butterfly"

When the Hear and Say Centre discovered 2007 Australian Idol contestant Brianna Carpenter was deaf in one ear, they couldn't think of a better person to support their 2008 Butterfly Appeal.
The appeal, which raises money to help support deaf children and their families, kicks off on March 31. The Brisbane-based singer is excited about being the appeal's face. "I didn't find out I was deaf until I was about five or six and it was too late to do anything about it," she said. "These kids find out from birth if they have any hearing loss and you can start to fix it from then."
Carpenter, 22, said being deaf in her right ear had not stopped her musical career and she hoped she could be come a role model to the hearing impaired. "You can still be musical and still be in the arts industry with a hearing impairment...and you can achieve good things.," she said.
The singer has written a song about butterflies, which are also deaf, for the launch of the appeal in the Queen St Mall.
Hear and Say director ad founder Dimity Dornan said the campaign aimed to raise $200 000 to fund another 20 places for children at the centre.
- Sunday Mail - Annoska Tucker-Evans

"Brendan Tunes Into Local Talent"

Talented youngsters are getting a leg-up in the competitive music industry thanks to a local state-of-the-art recording studio.
Brendan Anthony's list of producing experience is long and impressive, but he has traded in working with big names such as Jimmy Barnes, INXS and Midnight Oil for discovering up-and-coming talent.
"Southeast Queensland has all of these untapped artists that haven't been signed," he said.
"Especially with the recent population growth, there are so many talented young people on the Coast."
He helped The Ten Tenors, who are now singing in front of sellout crowds in the US ad Europe, produce their album "One Is Enough" and he also produced the ground-breaking EPs of Brisbane five-piece band George.
Born and raised in Logan, Brendan went to Springwood High School and studied music engineering at The Queensland Conservatorium of Music.
After working in Sydney at the famed Rhinoceros Recordings and overseas in Los Angeles and London, Brendan returned to the Gold Coast in 1997.
"It was fun working with artists like Jimmy Barnes, but I wanted to do something new," he said.
"There's a lot of talent up here but not very many experienced producers who can give them a quality record."
He set up a self-contained recording studio as his home in Ormeau, mixing the best of analogue and digital technologies His personal collection of guitars and synthesisers have also come in handy during a few recording sessions.
"What self-funded artists need is a product which sounds good and shows record companies that the work has already been done," he said.
Brendan isn't limited to his home studio when it comes to recording.
"I will take the record to whatever studio gives us the sound that the artist needs," he said.
He often uses Rocking Horse studios in Byron Bay for mixing and the Queensland Conservatorium facilities at Griffith University's Gold Coast campus, where he also lectures in audio production.
As a lecturer, Brendan sees much of the talent that passes through the Conservatorium's Bachelor of Popular Music program, which is how he met Brianna Carpenter.
The Brisbane singer/songwriter was a Top 12 finalist in last year's Australian Idol and is the most recent unsigned artist to record her debut album on the Coast with Brendan.
"I could have spent a lot more money and done it in a different way," she said.
"But I knew him and if felt like a much more comfortable environment."
Brianna was keen to get her first album recorded after the publicity boost she received as an Idol contestant.
She and Brendan spent close to 3 months recording and producing her album, which is titled "Harlequin".
"I'm a pretty keen producer and I had a lot of different ideas, but I was thinking more about the creative arrangement," she said.
"He was really good at listening to me and then making those ideas happen."
Brianna is looking for a label and plans to have her first single "Jacqueline" which she sang on Idol, on the radio in the next few months.
For more information on Brendan's studio, visit
For news on Brianna's debut album, visit - Gold Coast Bulletin - Seanna Cross

"Kristy London and The Other Halves, Hot Liquid Sex and Brianna Carpenter @ The Zoo"

Often, punters assume that the first support act on a bill is going to be average, and choose to wait until later in the evening to arrive. This was a shame tonight, because Brianna Carpenter was far from average. Flying solo, with just her acoustic guitar for company, she turned out a set of quirky pop songs. Folk-like at times, alt-country generally, and reminiscent of Kate Bush at others, Brianna endeared herself to the early crowd. - Stewr -


2005: EP "Spotted"
2008: Debut Album "Harlequin"
All tracks are available for purchase online via Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, CD BABY and more.
Tracks from the album that have had radio airplay: Jacqueline, Waiting For You, Used To Be Mine, Black Keys, Landslide, Safe Place



Brianna Carpenter loves colour “Blame it on my mother”. It attracts her and inspires her. She seeks it in the clothes she wears, the people she meets, the music she listens to and the music she composes.
Even though Brianna was born completely deaf in one ear she was still fascinated from a young age by music and songwriting. She began to write her own songs at the age of 13 and after writing her first “real” song “The Web” it became apparent that she had a talent that she was definitely going to pursue. Some of her other earlier pursuits also stretched into musical theatre, acting and pantomime, which proved to be a great way to gain invaluable lessons in stage craft.
Brianna is not from an overly musical background but believes her creative flair comes from her mother who is an artist and also worked in the fashion industry as an illustrator. Brianna and her mother also work together on many of the outfits that Brianna likes to wear on and off stage.
In 2004 Brianna travelled mostly solo around Europe with her trusty guitar “Rufus” to get some life experience and to take herself out of her comfort zone. She was inspired by many different characters she met some of who turned up in later song lyrics. Then in 2005 back in Oz Brianna began a degree in Popular Music at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music which gave her valuable knowledge about recording and production which she likes to get heavily involved in. During this time Brianna kept on gigging and songwriting. She was shortlisted into the top 10 of the Australian Spirit of Youth Awards along with Kisschasy, Wolf and Cub and Princess One Point Five. 2006 saw Brianna shortlisted into the top 5 of the Queensland Rockit Awards and in 2007 Brianna was placed 3rd in the Barsoma Singer Songwriter Search. Later in 2007 Brianna thought she’d give Aussie Idol a go and she was selected into the Top 12 of Australian Idol. This gave her an opportunity to air one of her most popular songs “Jacqueline” which got very good feedback from the public.
2008 took Brianna into different territory as she was invited to be the Ambassador for the Statewide Butterfly Appeal charity fundraiser for the Hear and Say Centre which helps profoundly deaf children learn to hear and speak. Her song “Hush” was written for this charity. When she again helped this charity in 2009 Brianna donated all proceeds from downloads of “Hush” to The Hear and Say Centre. Later in 2008 Brianna’s song “Jacqueline” was chosen as a finalist for the QSong “People’s Choice Award”. Then in December “Black Keys” and “Lies” put Brianna into the final 5 of the Pop category in the MusicOz Awards. Brianna was once again recognised for her songwriting potential in 2009 when she was shortlisted to receive an Apra Professional Development Award. She has also been enjoying opportunities to do arrangements for choirs in Sydney. 2009 also saw Brianna working more with her newly formed four piece band performing in a range of live music venues as well as Masterclasses in schools, Apple instore appearances, and at The Queensland Poetry Festival.
During 2008 Brianna also completed her music degree and independently funded her debut album “Harlequin” which contains an interesting mix of songs on a 15 track album. Her sound would best be described as Alternative Folk/Pop with perhaps a slight bit of Alt Country thrown in here and there. The album is full of difference and colour as the title would suggest. This was her baby which she nurtured with the help of producer Brendan Anthony who has worked with the likes of INXS, Midnight Oil, Wendy Mathews and also George, Wheatus and The Ten Tenors. The Album is a result of almost 10 years of Brianna’s songwriting and she has many more still to record.
So now with her music degree completed and an album already recorded and many more songs and gigging opportunities popping up Brianna is fired up and on a roll.
Even though she was born completely deaf in one ear this has not stopped Brianna’s drive to compose. Brianna began song writing at the age of 13 and after writing her first real song "The Web" people started to recognize her talent. Her stage pursuits have also stretched into musical theatre, acting and pantomime, which proved to be a great way to gain invaluable lessons in stagecraft.

Brianna is not from an overly musical background but believes her creative flair has come from her Mother, who is a fashion illustrator and artist. Brianna and her Mother design a lot of the outfits that Brianna wears onstage and work together to create the artwork for her albums and stage design.

In 2004 Brianna traveled to Europe to experience other cultures and take herself out of her comfort zone. She traveled to 13 countries alone at the age of 19. She was inspired by many crazy characters from her journeys and has been writing and gigging in Australia ever since.

2005 saw Brianna shortlisted into the top 10 of the Australian Spirit of Youth Awards along w