Brianna Fletcher

Brianna Fletcher

 Fort Worth, Texas, USA

21 year old singer-songwriter Brianna Fletcher from Fort Worth, Texas released her new EP with featured single "Taste of Love".


Brianna Fletcher was welcomed into the world on the 4th of September, 1994, in Fort Worth, TX by her parents, Bill and Rachelle Fletcher. Born into music and public speaking, she grew up seeing lives changed through her father, a pastor, and her mother, a worship pastor. As an infant, her little feet would kick and a smile would sweep across her face whenever a melody was in the air. It was in those early moments that her mother, Rachelle, became vividly aware that music would be the focal point of Brianna's life.


At the age of three, Brianna began singing in church musicals and worship services and from there she took every opportunity to showcase her talents. At ten, she developed a knack for song writing, blending melodies and harmonies with relatable lyrics. Two years later, with her first guitar in hand, she put instrument and vocal skills together. After just one lesson her singer-songwriter destiny was sparked.

During her middle school years, with more than two-hundred songs penned, Brianna recorded her first four song demo, "No One". Several years later she would perform that single to a crowd of over ten thousand at the Gaylord Convention Center.


Realizing the work ethic and effort that the music industry required, Brianna put her drive and desire to the test. She labored tirelessly on her schooling to graduate a year early, all while continuing with her music career. It was during this time that the Teen Guidance Foundation concept became part of her dream.


With a fresh and modern approach to our nation's bullying epidemic, Teen Guidance Foundation would spur the formation of Brianna, along with a group of her peers would bring their message to schools through their music and relevant conversation. The Debully group, through candid talks and inspirational songs, would teach kids how to "debully" their schools and become synonymous with the slogan, Teens Empowering Teens.


Most recently on Valentine's Day of 2014, Brianna released her newest EP, "Waste Time". With over 40,000 followers on Twitter, and a continuos growth in fan base, this song has already become a huge hit. Immediately after finishing this project Brianna became one of eleven finalists on Extra TV's, "The Voice Bootcamp" where she also sang with celebrity figures, Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos, and won the CWIMA singer-songwriter showcase in Nashville, TN where singers from across the country entered their songs hoping to get a chance to perform.


Brianna is grateful for the opportunity she has been given to make a positive impact on the music industry and thousands of kids during the past two years of touring with Debully. 2016 is going to be a year of new music, new look, and a new positive outlook on her career!


Daddy's Home

Written By: Brianna Fletcher

Verse 1: Where I go you go I can see you following me
I said stay back at least 10 feet
But everywhere I turn there you are
And everywhere I look you’re not far
I guess I’m a little too sweet

Pre Chorus: My daddy’s sitting at home with his shotgun
Don’t you dare mess with his little one
He’s always watching

Chorus: Daddy’s home and the dogs are barking
You know you can’t come walking in
Cause he knows who you are
And what you’re thinking
So close your mouth cause your feet are sinking
I know that you’re charming but daddy’s home and the dogs are barking

Verse 2: You came around once, got scared you’re not so tough
I said daddy go rough him up
You said you love me too much
You’ll keep pushing until it’s enough
But I called your bluff

Pre Chorus: My daddy’s sitting at home with his shotgun
Don’t you dare mess with his little one
He’s always watching


Bridge: Somewhere deep inside I love you
Give me a minute I just need a few
Seconds from reality
I know that we can never be