Brianna Kocka

Brianna Kocka

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Kocka's first album is a mixture of complex lyrics, mixed with folk, blues, jazz and celtic elements. However, it is still highly accessible with a folk-pop vibe. Her second album and current set list is far more jazz/blues influenced, with gritty-minimalism and simple guitar riffs and lyrics.


At only 24 years old, Brianna Kocka has been writing and playing for over 10 years. At age 12, Kocka began teaching herself guitar after watching both her brother and father perfect their skills, and hasn't stopped playing since.

Growing up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Brianna decided to get out of town and begin a new life, eventually ending up in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada, where she graduated with a BA in Philosophy and Literature from St. Stephen's University.

"Being in that community [SSU] taught me to be a better musician. Learning the classics, spending time with amazing people, having late night bonfires filled with smoke, beer and meaningful conversation kept me on my toes, and practically wrote my lyrics for me. I've become the musician I am simply because I chose to uproot my life in Minnesota and travel east."

After spending a few years writing and re-writing lyrics and music, Kocka decided it was time to get into the studio and document what she had accomplished thus far.

"I'm not going to lie, when I started my first album I was really frustrated. Being both musician, producer, not to mention everything in between those two roles is a hard job. And even more, releasing an album is like walking around naked; it's your life put to music. You write these words and sing these melodies and then put them out there for the world to hear. It's scary as hell, but I am so happy to have done it."

Her first album, titled "Write by Night" was released in the spring of 2010. As for what will come next for Kocka, she has recently moved back to Minneapolis with plans to record her second album during the summer of 2011.

"I don't really like singer/songwriters, so sometimes I get frustrated that I am one. So, I bought an electric guitar. I bought an overdrive pedal, and I got a little tube amp. My second album is going in a new direction. It's blues-jazz with grunge influence. I've only been allowing myself to listen to Sabbath, Zeppelin, The Black Keys and the White Stripes while I write this album. Oh, and Ella Fitzgerald. You'll be able to to hear the influences once I am done in the studio. I'm pretty excited about this album."

In the mean time, Kocka is enrolled in a Masters program in St. Paul, Minnesota and playing any shows she can get her hands on.


New Brunswick Nights

Written By: Brianna Kocka

I lie watching the star lit sky, moon a-glow as the world turns so slow
On the water-dock, waves a-float, time will pass
The sparks float to the sky
And time passes by

People talking 'bout war and peace, sex and love
Trails of smoke in the air
Whiskey, beer and wine, secret smiles, wasting time as we all disappear
Time passes by

Here we go we're moving now
Time passes by
This is it, jump right in
Time passes by
Walk with me, oh talk with me
Time passes by

Laughter, lips and eyes: this is our lullaby
Friends and lovers alike
The buzz of bats and bees, high pine trees, the cool breeze keeps us all unified
As time passes by

© 2009 Brianna Kocka

A Troubled Girl

Written By: Brianna Kocka

Now, I won't get too comfortable so why the hell would you?
And though you've seen the tears I've cried, you're not the first man to.

And I've been seen by many eyes, and object for your view.
So your's are just another set, your eyes are nothin' new.

Oh trouble comes and trouble goes, it don't leave you alone for one night.
And I'm a troubled, troubled girl just waiting to take flight.

© 2010 Brianna Kocka

For Terry, Remembered

Written By: Brianna Kocka

I remember you with that walking smile.
Teeth so white, skin like the night sky.
You were so young, so restless.

Where is hope for us?
Where is love for us?

I remember you with that smoke filled laughter.
Eye's so wide, hands covered in ashes.
You were so young, so reckless.

Where is hope for us?
Where is love for us?

I will remember you.

© 2010 Brianna Kocka


"New Brunswick Nights" 2010
Self Released

"Write by Night" 2010
Full Length
Self Released

Set List

Set time: between 30-50 minutes

Ships Passing (5 mins)
Chicago (4 mins)
Wisemen (3 mins)
Let's Fall in Love (4 mins)
Epic (6 mins)
For Terry, Remembered (3 mins)
One More Drink (3 mins)
A Troubled Girl (4 mins)
New Brunswick Nights (4 mins)
This Alone (2 mins)
Fight Song (5 mins)

The Apology (3 mins)
Don't Waste it on Me (3 mins)
Kill You (3 mins)
In the Garage (4 mins)
Interstate (4 mins)
Amen (4 mins)
Summertime (3 mins)
Build a Bridge (4 mins)
Funny Little Family (4 mins)
Battle of the Binaries (A Time) (4 mins)
Blame it on Me (4 mins)
The Pit (3 mins)
Disease (3 mins)