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"Brianna Taylor | Top 20 on Itunes"

The Real World Hollywood’s Briana Taylor has made it to the top 20 on the iTunes top albums list and her first single “Summertime” made it to the top 100 songs list. Her self-titled EP was released June 6th. The album has sold 60,000 albums so far.

You can check out Brianna’s MySpace page to see when she will be performing in a city near you.

Tomorrow, July 25, she will perform on the Today show.

Check it out and tell us what you think!

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"All Feature"

Fiery and outspoken, Brianna Taylor rode 21st century media into the spotlight, turning a stint on MTV's The Real World into a springboard for a singing career. Born May 30, 1987, in Philadelphia, PA, Taylor began singing at weddings and shopping malls while still a teenager. After graduating from high school in 2005, she worked as an exotic dancer for a time, and after a run-in with an ex-boyfriend, she found herself in legal trouble, eventually doing anger management classes and probation. Addiction problems with meth and cocaine also complicated her life, and two months after she kicked her substance abuse problems, she found herself as one of the housemates on MTV's The Real World: Hollywood, the 20th season of the long-running reality show. The exposure led to her working on an EP for Chamberlain Records. The EP, simply titled Brianna Taylor and co-produced by Tomas Costanza and Matthew Blair, was released in 2008.

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"Billboard Review"

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"Beyond Feature"

Brianna Taylor has been seen stirring up trouble on MTV’s “The Real World: Hollywood” this season, but she’s hoping her musical talent will be what garners her recognition, more so than the reality show, where she has been open about her personal life struggles.

Her self-titled EP was released earlier this summer on Chamberlain Records and includes the standout songs “Summertime” and “Tragic.” “Summertime,” a song about searching for a long-lost love, is Brianna’s first single. “It definitely brought out a lot of feelings that I couldn't really express at the time,” says Brianna, who adds that she refuses to sing songs she “can’t relate to.” “I want to project the same feelings that I hear my favorite singers project. I've learned to release much of my anger, sadness, happiness, and other feelings through my music. It's definitely kept me out of trouble.” Tomas Costanza and Matt Bair from the band Eve 6 co-produced Brianna’s EP and wrote the songs. Blair also plays the guitar for Brianna’s music.

Brianna has never taken singing lessons, and defines her songs as “alternative-pop.” “I've always wanted to have music that all ages can relate to and enjoy,” she says of her work, “whatever people want to classify my music as, so be it... as long as they like it and I'm making them happy, I'm doing my part.” The Philadelphia native adds that dreams like hers can come true, and she advises her fans, “Anything you want to do in life, DO IT, whatever it may be. You're the only one that has to be happy with your decision in the end.”

Fans can learn more about Brianna at
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"Big Interview"

What does Brianna Taylor have to do with dance music? Nothing. But we thought it would be interesting to chat with the MTV Real World Hollywood cast member. The exotic dancer (sans g-string, clear high heels and stripper pole) opened for American Idol alum Blake Lewis last week in NYC. We caught up with this saucy, outspoken rable rouser and asked important questions about her music, life on the show and which side she’s on in Philly’s cheese steak war.

Big Shot: How do you look back on your experience on The Real World? Any regrets?
Brianna Taylor: No regrets at all. It made me a stronger individual, and I’m glad I got to have the experience.

How “real” was the experience?
CRAZY!!! We’re all nutcases!! It’s 100% real. We all come from different backgrounds, so the conflict was expected.

Did the show affect your music at all?
I think it helped it simply because nobody expects a stripper to actually be able to sing, so viewers were blown away when they actually heard my voice!

Tell us how the songs on your EP came together.
I didn’t write any of them. They were given to me, and I refuse to sing anything that I can’t get into or can’t relate to. All of the songs really show everything I was going through at that moment in my life, and I know everyone that listens to my music has been there.

While some people might’ve caught a few moments of you singing on the show, you’re still a new commodity, so to speak. What can people expect from your live show?
Definitely a rockin’ time!!!!

The next season of The Real World will take place in Brooklyn. Any advice for the cast?
Be yourself!! Don’t sugar coat anything. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind or cry and let it out.

Since you’re from Philly we would be remiss if we didn’t ask you: Geno’s or Pat’s?
GENO’S!!!! And Jim’s…and Steve’s…haha it’s a hard question!!!!


"MTV Real World Bio"

Brianna is a self-described "Philly girl" -- she tells it like it is and doesn't allow others to disrespect her. But beneath her tough exterior, she hides a very sensitive side. Before moving to Hollywood, Brianna worked as an exotic dancer and had a volatile relationship with her boyfriend. Her passion is singing, which led her to try out for season 5 of American Idol. Although she didn't make the final cut, she knew she had found her calling. But does Brianna have what it takes to make it in the business? -


"Brianna Taylor"- Self titled EP | Chamberlain Records

"Summertime" Radio Single | Universal Motown Records



Universal/Motown Recording Artist- Brianna Taylor

Youth, beauty, confidence and talent… Brianna Taylor is blessed with many gifts that move people to react to her in many different ways. She recently opted to share these gifts with the world in two ways – appearing on MTV’s “THE REAL WORLD (HOLLYWOOD)” on which she is a sought after housemate and releasing her first single on Universal Motown Records, which promises even greater notoriety.

Controversy seems to follow the 20- year-old Philadelphia native wherever she goes. This phenomenon seems to be part and parcel of being honest, outspoken and unwilling to be mistreated…living on her own terms. Brianna’s adventurous nature has led her to make mistakes in her life “We are all sinners in this world,” she says. “We all make mistakes and have skeletons in our closets. If the lives of the people who judge me were broadcast to the world, they’d be less likely to criticize.” She moves on from these mistakes without regret – they have made her into the woman she has become.

Music has always been in Brianna’s life. Her early favorites - Natalie Cole, Anita Baker, Sarah Vaughn, Nina Simone, Judy Garland, and Lena Horne – laid the groundwork for her singing style. Christina Aguilera and Hayley Williams of Paramore are more recent faves along with another influence, one as controversial as Brianna herself. “Amy Winehouse is amazing. She delved into musical history and brought it into the modern music scene. The flair she brought into indie music is so strongly felt.”
What was most strongly felt in Brianna’s creative history was the influence of her family. Until her Grandmother married, she sang on the radio with her sisters. Her love for music never lessened and she passed it on to her granddaughter. Brianna’s mother was an actress and model, her uncle plays the drums and her sister is “an amazing dancer” according to the songstress.

For everyone in her family, the creative experience has been a cathartic, emotionally laden one. “I can forget everything and just rock out,” she says of what singing does for her. She expects that from others as well “If someone isn’t really feeling the words they are singing there is no point in listening. So few singers really make me feel the emotion of the song. I think about that and strive to do that for the listener.”

The right songs are making it possible for Brianna to reach out to fans. “Tomas Costanza and Matthew Bair’s songs really reflect what I’ve been going through. When I recorded “Summertime” I had just broken up with my ex. I missed him a lot – getting over him and moving on was really hard for me.”

“The relationship, however poisonous, was comfortable for me. I knew nothing else,” Brianna explains. “The song was like saying ‘oh no, now I am by myself and I really cared about you.’ ” The story of Brianna’s life certainly has some twists and turns. In her earlier years, encouragement from family was rare. As the years went by, it was equally scarce from ex-boyfriends. One of said ex-boyfriends abused Brianna and taught her an unfortunate lesson in human nature.

When a subsequent boyfriend (the one she spoke about on THE REAL WORLD) laid his hands on her, Brianna (literally) fought back. “Men seem to think its ok to restrain your girlfriend. I had every right in the world to fight back,” she explains. A result of this altercation was charges being pressed on her (which Brianna heard about once she got to the REAL WORLD house) and her being sentenced to anger management classes and probation.

Brianna’s newfound celebrity is something that is taking a bit of getting used to for her. “This is so different than the life I was used to. I am recognized on the street a lot lately,” she notes. “I am loving every minute of it though. People are nice when they approach me, saying ‘You’re so real / so honest. How is your singing career going?’ They are supportive and I love that!” This fan appreciation has bred closeness with the fans. Brianna gives her fan email lots of attention, personally answering as much of it as possible.
She has been through a considerable amount in her mere 20 years of life and has opened up her everyday life to public scrutiny via THE REAL WORLD. Her music goes even deeper and lays her emotions bare as well. Consequences be damned – you WILL know Brianna Taylor, one way or another. Buckle up and enjoy the bumpy ride. She wouldn’t have it any other way!