Brianne Kathleen

Brianne Kathleen


Folk songstress Brianne Kathleen engages audiences with her otherworldly voice & gorgeous melodies. This talented singer is a rare commodity among artists these days.

Featured on Portland radio KINK FM, KBOO, KMUZ, etc. & Asheville's DOCICA Magazine, Brianne Kathleen is beloved across the states.


A little bit quirky, a lot of smiles and a hint of sorrow, Brianne Kathleen is part of the new generation of Folk singers. Originally from Oregon, Brianne made her trek across the states to Asheville, North Carolina where she began performing with the “Electric Ghost Collective”. Finding her wings (so to speak) she returned to her home state of Oregon where she settled into her style of heartfelt, reflective and honest music about life, love, loss and hope.

Her debut album “Blue Heron Grey” is an inspiring album full of life, heartbreak, sorrow and joy. Featured on Portland’s Kink FM 101.9, KMUZ, and Asheville’s DOCICA Magazine, Brianne Kathleen’s music stretches across the states. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and her music is a reflection of life as she knows it. Serenading audiences with stories through her songs and anecdotes. Brianne has been labeled, “Charming” and “Endearing” and draws you in with her catchy melodies.

"Blue Heron Grey is a beautiful folk-inspired album of a lady with a beautiful and classical voice."
Jan Eiesland, No Deal Music (Feb 03, 2012)


Blue Heron Grey - LP (2011)