Brian Paul Bateman

Brian Paul Bateman


Timeless pop/rock music from an unusual source. If you can categorize it, you're better than I am. I just sing and play guitar. Simple in complex times.


Cutting a new path and bucking current trends in the pop and rock genres, Brian Bateman unveils a unique sound that melds poignant and thoughtful lyrics with a meticulous vocal quality. He weaves a wide variety of musical influences into a highly tangible and infectious brand of original pop rock music. With a voice reminiscent that of Elvis Presley and Chris Isaak, Brian is turning heads by putting the focus back on the song.
Originally from Boise, Idaho but working in the Los Angeles area, Brian brings the spirit of the northwest with him wherever he travels. He believes there is a dark and mysterious place within everyone, and the cold realities of life, love, and the hereafter are among his favorite subjects to write about. People tend to attach themselves to Brian’s songs, finding that his honesty is comforting and that his words cut straight through their souls.

A born singer, Brian has been performing professionally since the age of fourteen. He has been recognized nationally for his vocal ability and has been the recipient of many awards. In the past ten years, he has concentrated heavily on musical theatre and opera (a member of Hawaii Opera Theatre and Anchorage Opera), but has recently returned to his roots in rock and roll.

With the release of his debut CD titled White Lie (engineered by industry legend Guy Charbonneau for Le Mobile Remote Recording Studio), Brian Bateman offers up an emotional journey through eleven tracks of straight forward, no nonsense guitar rock, textured with his signature voice and 12-string guitar playing. With catchy riffs abound, and no shortage of sing-along choruses, White Lie sells itself as a true pop gem with Brian nestled firmly as a diamond in the rough.


CD-White Lie Featured on KLOS in Los Angeles, courtesy of J.J. Jackson!

Set List

Brian Wilson (Barenaked Ladies Cover)
Jackie Brown (Mellencamp Cover)
Encore (Unreleased Original)
Change (White Lie)
Insomniac (White Lie)
Nice Guy (White Lie)
Saved By Zero (The Fixx Cover)
Overkill (Men at Work Cover)
Come To My Window (Melissa Etheridge Cover)
Good For You (White Lie)
White Lie (White Lie)
Save Me (White Lie)
Will You (White Lie)
Believe (White Lie)
Rocket Man (Elton John Cover)
Why Did We Leave It Like That? (White Lie)
Call and Answer (Barenaked Ladies Cover)