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Brian Price

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Solo Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Late-Bloomer Brian Price releases Tired of Singing in My Car"

By Manny Theiner

Brian Price is a late bloomer. From his photos, he appears to be in his early 40's, but according to Price, he never wrote songs until a couple of years ago, and limited himself to singing in his car on the way to work at a local radio station (hence, the name of the CD). He originally intended this recording to go only to his friends and family, but the results were so impressive, they merited a wider audience.

And no wonder the record turned out so well. Production-wise, Price enlisted a dream team of local studio sessioneers to fill out his lush, working-class pop songs, including scene stalwart Rick Witkowski (of B.E. Taylor and Crack the Sky), guitar wizard Rick Mals, songcrafter Anthony Rankin and drummer Mark Rajakovic (of Brownie Mary and The Yards).

Strangely enough, Price's booming, expressive vocals at times remind me of ex-Foreigner frontman Lou Graham, as much as any number of roots-rockers such as John Hiatt. And a good number of these songs could work in a radio-ready context, such as the reflective "Nice Things About Us", the white-trash paean "Where's the Hole?" and the harder-rocking "Run in the Family." He also whips out a few humorous lines and some social commentary on tracks such as "Word From Our Sponsor" and "Master of the Obvious."

However, Price has made it clear that he doesn't intend to slog it out in the clubs with this CD, competing with the sounds of beer bottles clanking and the Steelers on TV. Rather, emulating the established boomer phenomenon of house concerts, he'll come to your living room and play these songs in a stripped-down three-piece version of the band. After all, as Price mentions in "The Wedge," a moving song about a girl growing up with dysfunctional parents, he's taken "almost two decades to get it right." An effort like this CD deserves to be carefully heard. - Pittsburgh City Paper

"Brian Price "Tired of Singing in My Car""

By Gordon Spencer, Contributing Editor

Brian Price, who’s from Weirton, W.Va, has been steering people into music and words for nearly 20 years, as a radio DJ, producer and programmer in several cities. No surprise, then, that he’d find his way into creating something of his own. This singer, songwriter and guitarist travels along 13 tracks of his own material on this debut CD, Tired of Singing in My Car, alongside supporting vocalists, guitarists, and keyboardists from around the region.
His tunes and his voice come across as elemental. But close listening reveals distinctive harmonies along the way. More important, get a good look at his liner-note lyrics. You’ll see original, unpredictable writing worth reading for imaginative ideas and images. Musically his material most resembles rock and country, although Price indicates that he’s tired of easy labels and prefers not to define his musical style. He’s had training on keyboards and guitars and figured, he says, he’d had enough grounding to do more that just sing along with car-radio broadcasts. Hence a try at following a direction of his own. Follow his lyrics. They point in the right direction.

- Pittsburgh Magazine April 2009


Sunlight From You

tired of singing in my car



Brian Price's unique style captures both lyrical honesty and rock sensibility. His inspiration comes from the tightly crafted songwriting of John Hiatt and Marshall Crenshaw while his sound invokes the more modern arrangements of Whiskeytown and The Decemberists. Operating beyond the traditional confines of the singer/songwriter style, Price and his changing cast of first-rate musicians serve up songs in which the lyrics lead the way. While taking the listener off the beaten path into lives and stories not often told, the band still manages to deliver finely honed structure and expert instrumentation. Prices musings on everyday life, filled with sentimental candor and unexpected moments of joy, revelation and wit, touch all the bases for the acoustic coffeehouse patron and the rock club veteran alikeboth of whom know a solid performance when they hear it.

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