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Review by: Arinn Westendorf

The main drive to make music is often the desire to express something, to share stories and emotions with others. The same is true with Brian Rennick but is a bit different; he sings about his religion in a way that’s meant to show its beauty to those who may not be aware of it.

Like many Christian artists, Brian focuses on a musical message that is based more on ministry than worship. It is clear from his song titles alone that he wants his music to be accessible to non-believers and believers alike; He Wants You, Gentle Love, The Light of the World. His message is gentle, but forceful. It is obvious that his musical message is expressing his hearts desire for everyone to find Jesus.

Brian is not just a musician; he is a true performing artist, having talent in many areas. He is comfortable as a producer, writer, singer and musician. He points to what, in his belief, is a way to personal freedom, healing and complete invigoration of mind, body and soul. His words are not just meant to reach the privileged and rich, but for the lowly, meek, and hopeless among us.

It’s doubtless that Brian’s strengths in all aspects of his musical career have helped him a lot on his path to recording and releasing albums on the independent label Lost Sheep Records. His first solo effort, From Darkness to Light explored many different aspects of life as a Christian without delving to deeply. On his second release, due this fall, he explores more complex issues that tie to his title, Free Life.

In a genre with such a strong message, its easy for the lyrics to become the focal point of production with little effort put into the instrumentation but its clear that Brian strives for a great sound as well as a hefty message. It’s even possible to hear a style reminiscent of John Mellencamp on some of the more up-tempo tracks.

For those who are searching for answers and for those who are interested in expressing their love for Jesus, Brian Rennick’s music will definitely hit home. It has a message that is comforting, welcoming and definitely easy to listen to.

- Sonic Vine Inc.


Everything's Comin' Down
Can't Go Back
My Redeemer Lives

Free Life EP

Acoustic Sessions
Brian Rennick Collection
From Darkness To Light



Throughout the last decade, Brian Rennick has been in
the field of Christian Contemporary Music as a singer,
songwriter, producer and worship leader. It is evident
to those who have encountered his music, that Brian's
heart is toward God, as he inwardly searches the
answers and delivers the journey of life through song.

Coming off the simple grounds of his first solo project
"From Darkness to Light", Brian has entered more
complex issues in what surrounds the "Free Life", the
title of his sophomore CD. Brian hopes to capture the
essence of joy and truth of a free life in Christ in this
much anticipated release. Brian Rennicks recording
project "From Darkness to Light", released two
successful radio singles and a concept video for the
song "Can't Go Back".

As a Performing Artist Brian's talents are as musician,
singer, writer and producer of music. His strength is
in the art of worship and he has naturally incorporated
this strength throughout his artistic and professional
music career. Brian's heart's desire is to see people
set free and experience the deep love of Jesus Christ.
He expresses this burden thru the ministry of his
music and God's word. Brian points to the One who
is The Way, The Truth, and The Life.This is a freeing,
healing message intended for believers and un-believers.
This powerful message is for hurting, lonely, dirty,
confused and beat up of this world. Brian portrays
this message of love found only in Christ.