Brian Ritchey

Brian Ritchey


With their rock-n-roll flavored live shows and choice of instrumentation, Brian and Co. are often compared to the likes of the late country/rock innovator Gram Parsons and the country tinged folk of Neil Young.


A native Hoosier, Brian started honing his songwriting talents between the ages of 16 and 17 while growing up in rural Indiana.
Focusing primarily in the folk/country field of songwriting, it wasn’t until the age of 19 that he discovered the music that would help shape and develop his alt-country/ rock ambitions and accomplishments.
Some of the artists and albums that would help fuel these ambitions were Bob Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks" and "Desire”, Neil Young’s “Comes a Time" and "Harvest” and Gram Parsons' “Grevious Angel" and "GP”, among others.
With a new found love for these artists, Brian began teaching himself to play piano, harmonica, and banjo to help compliment and diversify his ever growing love of songwriting.
At the age of 20, he had a chance encounter with Grammy award-winning producer and songwriter Larry Butler, who had success producing legendary acts such as Willie Nelson, John Denver and Kenny Rogers, to name a few. He also penned the smash hit “Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song”.
When Larry heard of Brian’s talent, he asked that he and a handful of hit Nashville songwriters accompany him to the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival held annually in Perdido Key, FL and Gulf Shores, AL.
It was during this visit that Brian would make invaluable contacts that would help him realize his dreams of moving to Nashville and becoming a songwriter/artist.
This festival also led him to a five night stay at the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center in Nashville for a Music Expo where, at just 21 years of age, he was chosen out of 600 plus songwriters as "most promising songwriter" after the performance of his self written protest song "The War". This also led him to a meeting with a staff writer at Sony Tree publishing. With the encouragement from a two hour plus meeting with Sony Tree, he then made the decision to move to Music City.
Since arriving in Nashville Brian has worked with some of the best talent that the city has to offer. He recently released his first official album, "Brian Ritchey E.P.", following several unreleased projects recorded in previous years.
The E.P. consists of 7 original tracks recorded live with his band in one afternoon and evening in an all analog home studio in Murfreesboro, TN.
Since releasing the E.P., Brian is currently working on a follow up full length concept album that is expected to be released in the spring or summer of 2006.
As he did in 2005, Brian is currently playing dates in the Nashville underground circuit, and is making plans to take a small tour in support of his album this year.


forty years

Written By: brian ritchey

after forty years
in the mountains
there's a force now
here greater than he
who turns down the lights
as the moon it fights
to give comfort
to those who are in need

he says the bullets and guns
they will find you
sit back with your gun in your hand
with your pocket of dreams
that no man will see
and ask forgiveness
in who's eyes they are dead

after forty years
in the bible's belt
no salvation has comforted he
who's now lost his sight
and his will to fight
he's been crippled
from his hands to his knees

he says the bullets and bombs
they will find you
while politicians
are shaking the hands
of these men who kill
for their green dollar bills
then say our freedom is our governments plan??????

copyright 2005
calico sky music

it feels like rock-n-roll?

Written By: brian ritchey

I dreamed me and my lover
we moved far away
I'm a sucker for those calico skies
I said I'm sorry I made you cry

On a celebration
and a tour of japan
I drank myself
some pretty good wine
I said I'm sorry I made you cry

but it's all... all for this friend of mine
yes it's all....all for this friend of mine

I bought a record player
I think I'll move out west?
I'm a sucker for those california skies
I said I'm sorry I made you cry

A simple twist of fate
has got me reelin' away
I'm gonna hear the strings
there for sure
Give me the needle and lock that door!!!

Repeat chorus:

Simple and plain
with nowhere to go
oh yeah!
needles and guns
there's nowhere to run
oh yeah!!!

and it feels like rock-n-roll?
it feels like I'm much older now??
it feels like rock-n-roll?
Oh no........

copyright 2005
calico sky music

ripen in the sun

Written By: brian ritchey

cold, cold winter
cold days in the back of your heart
oh, i'm breaking splinters
a breakdown will send me back to the bar
i'm breaking down
i got my back against the bar

i guess it's only your sad ways
that leave you feeling you're undone
your sad face is gonna ripen in the sun

paint me a picture
a picture of me waiting
to walk inside a club
and a picture when i leave
as i'm stumbling to the bus

repeat chorus


Brian Ritchey ep

Set List

Set List: consist of a wide variety of original music
Set length: 1 to 1 1/2 hours
Cover: Neil Young "Cortez the Killer"
John Prine "Angel From Montgomery"
Leonard Cohen "Bird on a wire"
Various Artist's "Long Black Veil"