Brian Roessler

Brian Roessler

 Conway, South Carolina, USA

Original. Percussive. Acoustic. Rock. Music for people who love music.


Unofficial Bio (the short version):

I play music. I write music. I eat, sleep and breathe music. The biggest high in the world is playing live and being on the same vibe as the audience. I give everything I have for every show, and expect nothing less of myself. I currently live, work and play in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I am an artist. I am an entertainer. I am a musician. My name is Brian Roessler.

Official Bio:

Raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Brian Roessler grew up with a pen in his hand. What started as a love of prose and poetry turned into a love of writing songs when a college roommate came back one semester with a 12 string acoustic guitar. That love quickly turned into a craft as Brian garnered a reputation around Indiana University of Pennsylvania as one of it’s most unique and innovative songwriters, playing in alternate tunings to a percussive rhythm all his own. Now Brian finds himself in Myrtle Beach, where he is honing his craft, and garnering a brand new following.

Listeners often find themselves hard pressed to categorize his rootsy, emotional music, but always find connections in it to their own lives. Brian's songs build on the traditional storytelling of the singer/songwriter genre and take it to a place deep within the soul.

Brian has his own unique musical style, which gets and keeps the attention of his audience. He can be found throughout the Myrtle Beach area, and occasionally the Pittsburgh area, performing at open mic nights or playing clubs. Everyone who has seen Brian play since his college days back in western Pennsylvania has their favorite originals and come back to see him perform every chance they get.


The Right Words is Brian’s first full-length album, written, produced, and recorded in his home studio. The songs that make up The Right Words are snapshots of moments in time, so clear yet individually interpretable that the picture in the listener’s mind says far more than the words themselves. Though the voice and the music come through loud and clear, it is the lyrics that are the star of all of Brian’s songs. The Right Words is a chisel, ready to crack anyone’s emotional shell.

Check The website out for demos from the upcoming album.


Set List

A typical set list for a live show really depends on the venue and its patrons, length of show, time of day and whether my job is to be an artist or an entertainer for that particular show. I know many songs for all occasions, and try to keep variety from show to show a priority.

A typical 4 hour night time bar show will usually look something like this:

Set one:

Barely Breathing (Duncan Sheik)
Arms of a Woman (Amos Lee)
One (U2)
Sea of Heartbreak (Jimmy Buffett)
In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel)
Miles (Me)
By My Side (Ben Harper)
Mr. Jones (Counting Crows)
You Were Always on My Mind (Willie Nelson/Elvis)
Copperhead Road (Steve Earle)
Bittersweet Surrender (Big Head Todd & The Monsters)
Peaceful Easy feeling (Eagles)
What a Wonderful World it Could Be (Sam Cooke)
The Way You Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra)
Maggie Mae (Rod Stewart)

Set two:
Round here (Counting Crows)
Crash (Dave Matthews Band)
Daydream Believer (The Monkees)
The Right Words (Me)
Drive (Incu