Brian Sances

Brian Sances

 Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA

Brian's music is a blend of rock, jazz, reggae, funk, and jam band styles. His original songs are from the heart with lyrics that tell a story, paint a picture, or share a feeling or experience. His performances showcase soulful singing and guitar playing that he is known for.


At 28, Brian is releasing his first solo album August 26th 2010. Entitled "Here Today", it is a celebration of living life in the present moment, sharing it with those you love, and pursuing your calling. Not only did Brian write, produce, and record the songs on this album, he also played guitar, bass, organ, harmonica, auxiliary percussion, and provided vocals on all of the songs. He called upon 3 drummers and a few special guests to help him complete this vision, and after 6 months, it was finished. Brian plans to play as many shows as possible this fall to promote this new album, and share his music with the world.


A Couple Of Days

Written By: Brian V. Sances

A Couple Of Days

There were a couple of days in November
The warmest I remember for the fall
And as the sun beamed down around us,
The leaves turned brown and found us
Before they hit the ground

It was a beautiful day!
And we knew we had to grab it
Before it slipped away
In a couple of days it’s December
The coldest we remember, but it’s OK

You never know when things are gonna go your way

There were a couple of days in July
The clouds had filled the sky
And the rain came pouring down
We said “Why, why, why?”
But the Earth had become dry,
And it needed it so badly

So early the next day, the clouds had gone away
The flowers bloom and the birds sing
For a minute they were scared
They wouldn’t get a chance to do their thing

Waiting for a change to come
Standing in the rain
Dreaming of the sunshine
Everybody wants to get their way
And I’m trying to find mine

There’s been a couple of days lately
That have wanted to make me feel so sad and cry
When I feel this way, in my mind I hear you say
“Keep your chin to the sky”

These words from a friend
That have brought me to the surface
When I’ve gone off the deep end
When I come up for air, I know you will be there
With a message that you send

When Spring Or Summer's Here Again

Written By: Brian V. Sances

When Spring or Summer’s Here Again

Summer time- I’m feelin fine; in this state of mind
Walking by, smelling plants and flowers, feeling so high
It feels so good to be alive today
So good to share your company
I know you’re still in love with me
(I can see it in your eyes)

And I can see it in the skies
We’re in for nasty weather
And I can see through your disguise
You think that you’re so clever
I’ve known you for quite some time
I’ve see the gears turn in your mind
I’m trying to find where the answers lie

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is
When spring or summer’s here again
I hope we’re lying in the sun

It doesn’t matter where in the world we go
It wouldn’t take to much to know
That we’ll be having fun

Winter time- we’re stuck inside, but we don’t really mind
When I get home at night, you’ve got the game on
It feels so good to be here; far from cabin fever
On this winter evening

Moments Of Clarity

Written By: Brian V. Sances

Moments of Clarity

At five A.M. I hear the first bird song
Right outside my window
All night long, I could not sleep
Tossed and turned my pillow

So I gave in to let the day begin
Right where it had ended
Sea gulls fly through the fog
Right before they’ve landed

Moments of clarity carry me through
Moments of clarity- moments of truth

It’s two A.M. And my first thoughts are of the one I love
The show is done, and wore me out
Left my head spun
My thoughts are clear of who I hold dear
And close to my heart
Of those still here; others chosen to depart

Still In Love

Written By: Brian V. Sances

Still In Love

You always seem to read my mind
And there is nothing I could hide from you
With every day we share some time
I get to see a different side of you

And it’s true
I’m still in love with you
Yes it’s true
I’m still in love with you

People say their feelings fade away
But I’ve never felt this way with you
And I’m still riding on the wave
And every day I find something new about you

I’m still in love with you
Yes it’s true
I’m still in love with you

I feel there’s nothing left to prove
And every day I make amends to you
Times like these; far between and few
I don’t want to leave and I can’t move

In The Blink Of An Eye

Written By: Brian V. Sances

In the Blink of an Eye

In the blink of an eye
Turn your whole world upside down
In the blink of an eye
See what’s coming back around
In the blink of an eye
Find the answers that you seek
In the blink of an eye
Turning over a new leaf

In the blink of an eye
Everything can change
When you’re living in the moment
Just thinking about today

Today is all we have
The only thing I know
I cannot spend my time
Worried about tomorrow

I’ll put the past behind me now
So I can look ahead
And wonder what lies waiting
In the future’s unmade bed

I can’t spend the whole day sleeping
On a warm, sunny day
I’m holding on too tightly now
To let it slip away

In the blink of an eye
What’ to be seen still remains
When you change the way you look at things,
What you’re looking at will change

I have changed my surroundings
To try and get away
But there is no sense in running
If things remain the same

There is no sense in trying
To get it all done
Some ideas will come to life
Just not every one

I’m just here for a moment
Just here for today
I’m holding on too tightly now
To let it slip away

Can't You See

Written By: Brian V. Sances

Can’t You See

You can’t see me think about you
When I’m all alone
You can’t hear me singing
When you’re not at home

But when we get together, it’s when I feel alive

You won’t see me waiting for your car to come
Or the dog’s tail wagging when he hears the engine hum

But when we get together, it’s when we feel alive

Can’t you see what you’ve done to me

You didn’t see me looking when you were passing by
And you didn’t hear me talking when I tried to say hi

That’s when I knew that you were special
You really caught my eye

You won’t see me crying because those days are gone
But you might see me smile, because I know how far we’ve come

There were days I thought I’d lose you
The day I almost died

Cant you see, what you’ve done to me

Can’t you see you make me sing

Universal Eyes

Written By: Brian V. Sances

Universal Eyes

I could never see what you see when you’re looking at me
If you only knew what I see when I’m looking at you

We could share a point of view
Through these eyes we look through
Looking up- the sky is blue
Do you see the shade of blue that I do?

Clouds are floating through the sky
Passing slowly through this life
Thinking through the universal mind
Looking through these universal eyes

I could never see what you see
Could you explain it to me?
If you only knew what I see
I’ll try to describe it to you

We could share a point of view
Through these eyes we look through
Looking at the ocean blue
Do you see the shade of blue that I do?

See the backwards point of view
That the mirror shows to you
The image isn’t true

I see the person you portray
Like a picture you would paint
The image isn’t you

Here Today

Written By: Brian V. Sances

Here Today

There's a hole in my soul
Where I let the sun's light shine in
And it's filling me up
So that I can shine again

There's a gleam in your eye
You know this will be a good night
I can hear in your voice
I can see that you're feeling alright

Remember that time when the moon was full?
I felt it pull on me
It was like a tide inside of me
And we were acting abnormally

I've got some time that I'll spend with you
We could do anything; just me and you
Some days are filled with happiness, and some with sorrow
We're here today and gone tomorrow

There's a break in those clouds
Where the sky let's the sun shine down
The sun is so strong;
Lifting puddles off the ground

As the storm went to sea,
It was easy to find constellations in the sky
As I stood and stared,
I was mesmerized by stars in a line

Remember that day we walked along the shore?
We'd never seen dolphins before
They jumped and swam just a few feet away
This was no ordinary day

I don't want to fall asleep
I wish this day would never end
When the conversation's deep

You know you've got a friend
Remember that time we were hearing Pink Floyd?
You said my eyes were a deep, black void
But this was never a scary thing to see
Because you took the same trip as me


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