Brian Simpson

Brian Simpson


Americana influenced Rock n' Roll with soul


“Yesterday is gone and from its ashes I’ve risen”, a lyric from Brian’s song Invisible Prison, pays homage to his Americana heroes of yesterday while declaring the arrival of a new generation of songwriters trying to expand on its tradition. At an early age Brian was exposed to the music of Bob Dylan, The Band, The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, Dire Straits, and Tom Petty, and after all the music that has come and gone in his life since this is what he comes back to. His songs echo the themes of his influences with their sincere lyrics and delivery, but cast new light on them in a new modern setting. For a generation known for instant gratification and a sense of impending loss of the American dream, Brian sings songs of redemption and restraint. Brian is no slouch on guitar either. He is known for his prowess as a slide guitar player, evoking the spirit of Duane Allman and George Harrison’s country blues playing.
Brian grew up on the south side of Chicago where he studied guitar at Columbia College. In 2003 he moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of his craft and a more forgiving winter. His live shows are a no frills music experience delivered with power and urgency.


Postcard From LA

Written By: Brian Simpson

Postcard from LA

They love to tell you take a look in the mirror
They love to talk about sin
They love to put their opinion in your ear
They love to say someday you’ll give in

Let’s run away and drive out to the coast
Grab a suitcase and a map a bite to eat and hit the open road
We’ll fade away, our memories won’t
Forget about goodbye before we go
we’ll tell em’ in a

Postcard from LA
We’ll make liars out of them when they say
You gotta give up your dreams someday
Let’s prove em’ wrong in a postcard from LA

They always seem to wanna tie us down
They love to prey on our fears
They wanna keep us in this dead little town
To share the feeling of being bored to tears

Tree lined streets all in rows and everybody knows
The secrets their neighbor is trying to hide
I know if I stay I’ll soon waste away
When I get where I’m going I’ll write

Postcard from LA
They never listen to me when I say
It’s better to burn out than to fade away
Let’s prove em’ wrong in a postcard from LA

I Will Wait for You

Written By: Brian Simpson

I Will Wait for You

When the night falls and I’m all alone
I look for any reason to pick up the phone
But my fingers freeze and turn to stone
And I wait for you

When the world is running down on me
Wearing away gradually
I could run to you like a child in need
But I wait for you

My words I restrain them
So hard but I must contain them
This love I can’t send it
Too soon or I’ll only end it

I will wait for you
I will wait for you

When my dreams offer no escape
My desire is more than I can take
I remember all my past mistakes
And I wait for you

Each and every could be kiss
The soothing touch of your fingertips
Everyday an opportunity missed
But I wait for you

I will wait until this wall comes crumbling down
I will wait until this wall comes crumbling down
There is no army that could drag me from this line
Where I’m waiting where I’m waiting one day at a time

Invisible Prison

Written By: Brian Simpson

Invisible Prison

Mile markers passing by me
Still remind me of a dream I had
But now empty slogans and worn out anthems
Is all we’re chantin’ while the road gets bad

Now I’m faced with my hardest decision
It never turns out quite the way you envision
Yesterdays gone and from its ashes I’ve risen
I’m breakin’ out of my invisible prison

River valleys and open spaces
The only traces left of what I’m lookin’ for
Now I’m starting over by diggin’ under
Deeper than I’ve gone before

Almost empty from all the waitng
My old dreams fading as a new one’s born
Restless winds blow all around me
Takin’ me towards foreign shores


Postcard From LA: six song EP released June 2006

Set List

8-10 songs
Occassionally "Up on Cripple Creek" by the Band has graced the audience.