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"All Bets Were Off As Brian Stace Took the Stage at Aura"

STUDIO CITY - Back from playing for our troops in Iraq, country music recording artist/songwriter Brian Stace and company took the stage this past Wednesday night, in Studio City, and all bets were off as they blew the preceding band out of the water within seconds. The blonde-maned, sparkling blue-eyed singer came out strong belting the humorous "Good Girls Go to Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere)," which had the crowd on its feet from the start. Followed by other catchy tunes mostly off his latest CD release Blue Eyed Bad Boy (on his own label Little Round Records) including the title track, the honest "Half a Man", and "I Don't Wanna Wish I Had" (which New Music Weekly Magazine voted the fastest moving song on the charts) kept the crowd in high gear throughout his hour-long set. His band gets a lot of credit for doing one heck of a job backing their boy including Jennifer Spingola, who plays a mean fiddle, and bassist/backing vocalist Jessica Fagre. Guitarist Mark Agnesi added to the group's "spunk" bouncing around to each song, and Jeff Jarett was no slouch either on drums. Stace ended with two songs off his previous CD Country Music Ain't Noise Pollution like his popular audience favorite "Honey Get Your Clothes Off...Daddy's Comin' Home" and "Red Blooded Country Girl."

Next, Stace and his band hop aboard the Brian Stace tour bus, which boasts its own stage on top of the vehicle, complete with sound, lighting, even...fog(!)

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- Tolucan Times, Toluca Lake, CA By Denise Ames

"News & Press"


COUNTRY WEEKLY - “Country Singer Brian Stace singing about Love.”
MAVERICK - “Listener finds out what Real Country is all about, Stace figured it out!”
TOP40-CHARTS - “Country Artist Brian Stace debuts single „I Don‟t Wanna Wish I Had‟ written by:
James Otto, Bob Dipero and Scott Parker.”
HOLLYWOOD REPORTER - “Some Bad Boys meet at Guitar Center, Gene Simmons & Brian Stace.”
TOP 21 - "Blue Eyed Bad Boy‟ is an album full of Macho Man Power, Brian Stace is the real
THE MUSE'S MUSE - “His rich baritone makes each word resonate with the feelings, desires and unanswered
questions that pack the album.”
YAHOO FINANCE - “Campaign kick off yielded TV coverage in not only Madison but Minneapolis, Chicago,
Los Angeles, Dallas and more.”
MUSIC CONNECTION - “Stace has a background that sounds just like a Hollywood movie, He seems to have the
ingredients demanded of today's country stars.”
NEWSOK.COM - “Country Artist Brian Stace's tour will be coming thru Ok next month.”
STRICTLY COUNTRY - “Brian has a wide range of vocal abilities, I would like to see someone push him to the
TUCSON CITIZEN - “Stace is a bit of a character."
STAR TRIBUNE - “Brian Stace will be performing in MS.”
ENTERTAINMENT ZONE - “Brian Stace kicking off his Tour.”
NEW MUSIC WEEKLY - “Single with most added spins.”
STARS & STRIPES - “Afghanistan tour Stace brings soldiers on stage!”
WISCONSIN JOURNAL - “Stace says his single (I Don't Wanna Wish I Had) coincides with his life.” - Publicity

"Blue Eyed Bad Boy - CD Review"

By Jon Stewart

In rock, the lyrics in the first 45 seconds don’t matter the first time you hear the song (that’s why the hook was created); in country music, they do. On this CD, the songwriting ranges from good to superb on 7 of the 10 original songs included. “Something Strong” starts the album and we are introduced to a voice that will favor those who listen to the rest of the songs. His rich baritone makes each word resonate with the feelings, desires and unanswered questions that pack the album.

“The Next Best Thing” has a great rhythm that hasn’t been heard since early Jimmy Buffet. Lyrically, the put-on is well done while sustaining a high level of cleverness from verse to verse. It’s a great dance song as well.

“I Don’t Wanna Wish I Had” captures the essence of no regrets in country music. A pretty song that is dedicated to his lover, it’s musically fulfilling while making its point. “Half a Man” is a good dance song and has a great hook. This song showcases the slide guitar and really exposes the top notch band he has selected for the album.

“Time Starts to Fly” is the best song on the CD. When he gets to the hook “Every time I look into your eyes, Time starts to fly” the passion and emotion are overwhelming as written by Kelley Lovelace with Billy Crain. Grammy-nominated Lovelace, who has co-written songs with Brad Paisley including “He Didn’t Have To Be” and a #1 hit on Billboard, “Wrapped Around” with Paisley and Chris DuBois and a number #2 Billboard hit, is to be congratulated for this beautiful piece of country magic.

“Blue Eyed Bad Boy” misuses the rock classic “American Woman” lick for its overriding musical tension and is let down by the song’s reference to rock and roll. It doesn’t work as a dance song either. Written by Stace, Page Jackson and Marty Brown and thankfully short at 2.37, this song is the only one with an attribution to Stace.

The next two songs are well-written songs with lots of interest to country music fans. “Alice in Wonderland” is a dreamy, upbeat song that has excellent musicianship and offers a sharp contrast to the following song “Wanda”. In that song, a tale of a town’s mean-spiritedness that ends with the title character’s suicide seems like it is taken out of a headline from some small town.

Grade B. - The Muse's Muse

"Brians Shoots Military Canon"

Country Artist Brian Stace
17th Annual Country Thunder USA - Day 3
TWIN LAKES, WI: Country Music Artist Brian Stace fires the 105mm How at the 17th Annual Country Thunder USA music festival in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.
In this photo: Brian Stace
Photo above: Rick Diamond/Getty Images - Life Magazine


"HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA" - Soon-to-be-released Single

"HONEY GET YOUR CLOTHES OFF, DADDY'S COMIN' HOME" - This fun, upbeat popular song is dedicated to, and is a favorite among, U.S.Troops and Soldiers. The song has received radio airplay in the U.S. and overseas. It is also resonating with truckers across the country. The ringtone has been downloaded over 26,000 times in the past 4 months.

"BLUE EYED BAD BOY"- Album. Contains the single, "I DON"T WANNA WISH I HAD," which was voted fastest rising chart single by New Music Weekly.


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Brian Stace hails from the farming communities of southern Wisconsin. Since he was a teenager, this cowboy was no stranger to a hard day’s work: From milking cows, harvesting tobacco, and picking rocks in the hot summers of Wisconsin to removing asbestos & working construction.

Stace finally found comfort in his life by listening to his heart and pursuing his dream of writing and singing Country music. He experienced divine inspiration after a near death experience crash landing in a Southwest jet. Soon after, he re-evaluated his priorities in life and eventually changed everything about what he was doing and discovered his God-given talent for music. He has a voice that is beautiful and honest. He has a natural ability to write songs and work with songwriters, turning his own experiences into lyrics that are sassy, sexy and untamed. And he has a stage presence that drives audiences wild!

Stace released his first album, "Country Music Ain’t Noise Pollution," which received international airplay. Encouraged by this initial success, he put together a team of professionals in Nashville to record another CD, "Blue Eyed Bad Boy." The project was recorded in Nashville by Two Monkeys Productions producers Kent Wells and Tony Smith (Dolly Parton, Joe Nichols, and Keith Urban). His first single off the album, "I Don’t Wanna Wish I Had," was well received, moving quickly up the charts and getting airplay at radio stations all over the nation.

Over the past few years, Stace has toured throughout the US and Canada, playing at several of the top Country Music Festivals. He has opened for Junior Brown, Terry Clark, Shooter Jennings, and Darryl Worley. His music has given him the opportunity to play for the troops on his many tours to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Germany, and Italy. While touring in Iraq he finished shooting his music video for the single, "Honey Get Your Clothes Off (Daddy’s Comin’ Home)," with the soldiers. His latest radio tour lasted two months, spanned ten states, and covered 10,000 miles. He has also appeared on major television stations throughout the United States, including Tennessee, Wisconsin, Texas, California, and Arkansas.

Brian Stace is the total package of star-quality talent, drive, and professionalism…an entertainer primed for success! His inspirational story is about the blue-collar American Dream in action and coming true. He speaks the language of working men and women. Stace is one of the most creative, down-to-earth, hardworking, country music talents today.


MUSIC & VIDEO: Brian has over 25 recorded songs, 2 music videos, and is currently in the process of writing and recording his new record titled, "Makin' Changes." Some of the new tracks include Love on the Run, Damn Right, Hollywood California, Free, and many others.

TOURING: Brian performed at several of the top Country music festivals in 2009, including Country Thunder East & West, Country Fest, CMA Fest, Hodag, etc. He is currently booking the 2010 festival season. Over the past few years, Brian has toured the US, and has also played for the troops on his many tours to Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Canada, Germany and Italy. He has thousands of soldiers as Country music fans.

RADIO: Brian has been played on hundreds of radio stations all over the world, and has charted on the Music Row charts with his Single, "I Don’t Wanna Wish I Had," written by James Otto, Bob Dipero & Scott Jackson. Brian's music is also played regularly on the AFN military stations at the military bases.

TV: Brian has been featured and performed live on local & network TV shows such as Tennessee Mornings on Fox 17; Fox 5 in Las Vegas; NBC 15 in Madison WI; KUSI San Diego 9; Fox Channel 4 in Dallas; The WB in Madison WI; and CBS-TV 8 Ark-LA-Miss Show (covering Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi). Brian was also featured on the TV programs, Red Neck Adventures Show and Veg TV which aired in over 100 million homes.