Brian Stevens

Brian Stevens

 Redding, California, USA

"Great stories, thought provoking lyrics, foot-stompinÂ’ jams, the cat is on." -Middle Tennessee Music


Brian Stevens, tearing straight out of the heart of Northern California, plays the rough and tumble acoustic tunes that grab you by the guts and pull until you bleed. A sound that's hard to pin down, Brian Stevens takes the fierce rumble of classic punk on a journey through the Southern dust bowl, emerging with a modern and unique version of timeless American music. Defying tradition and trespassing across genre lines with his unrestrained songwriting and uncompromising live show, Brian is rearing to unleash his bold vision onto the world when his debut full-length LP hits the streets.


Red Eyes On Orange Horizons (2010, EP, Intervention Records, CD and Digital)
Strike & Set (2011, EP, Abandon Hope Records, CD & Digital)
Can't Slow Down (COMING SOON - 2013, LP, tba)

Set List

Varies, based on time slot.