Brian Stormm

Brian Stormm

 Los Angeles, California, USA

If there is a genre of music that can be described as progressive retro funky disco, this is it.


Brian Stormm (note 2 m's) is a very talented and prolific artist. His tracks are pure examples of his respect for deep grooves, multi-layered vocals, and song craftsmanship that pays homage to classic predecessors such as Patrick Cowley, Domenico "Meco" Monardo, and Giorgio Moroder. His interpretation of dance music looks back while taking the listener in new directions that are both fresh and timeless. Listen to his depth; spread the word and feel the emotion behind each piece of musical genius.
--DJ Nick Mischel from Public Records (UK)


La Vie Et Le Monde (Life And World) (EP)
Hang Up And Run (Single)
Rushing (Single)
Miserable Piss Elegant Faerie (Single)
Disco Stu (Single)
E = Love (Single)
Rex, I Love You (Single)
Miserable (Deluxe Version Album)