Brian Stumcke

Brian Stumcke


Music is created and recorded by myself. I use a combination of instruments through two digital loopers and play the drums as a live accompaniment. No studio time, no producer, no pressure. My music is a slice of the pie I bake daily from a recipe of blue-collar life.


I am a full-time Union Laborer here in Boston. I work is some dismal circumstances with some of life's more colorful characters. Employment helps to sustain the financial end of a wife and three children while music helps to resurect a bit of sanity. The music is born from the insanity of everyday life in an effort to make every minute of this short life count.
My musical influences range from Art Pepper to Junior Brown. Good music goes hand-in-hand with a good time. If you have the time, I'll get the tunes. My inspiration comes from a maturity required of being a father and husband. It rarely comes easy.
Most of all I enjoy playing and recording my creations here in my own home. I have a great time doing it and I hope listeners will have a great time listening.


One recorded CD, Sunset Euphoria with six tracks:
Not Sure
Don't Bother
Auggie Doggie
Hold On