Brian Taguchi

Brian Taguchi

 Kingston, Ontario, CAN

Eternally committed to both the "guitar gods of rock" and the "mysterious muses of folk", Brian Taguchi is a singer- songwriter who jokingly calls his style "progressive folk rock", highlighting his innate and cursed ability to underachieve and overachieve in both genres within the same song.


If you can imagine a bright blue sky with the warm sun pouring over a few ominous looking clouds, then you can understand the likes and motivations of Brian Taguchi, a jack-of-all-trades renaissance type guy who remains the master of nothing.

Utilizing a variety of finger and pick styles on both electric and acoustic guitars, Taguchi draws out the sonic textures that compliment the mood of each song that enable the lyrical stories to not only be heard, but felt. Taguchi's solo style combines the palm-beating acoustic elements of Neil Young with the melodic qualities inspired by artists such as Nick Drake, Radiohead and The Police.

"One of the most inspiring aspects of Taguchi's album is the dedication and individuality within it...Taguchi's priority is to create music that marks a place, time or event..."
- Jackie McLachlan, Queen's Journal (on Fuselage)

For Brian Taguchi, songwriting happens when the day is done, when fatigue and longing have set in, when a lack of perspective leads to introspection...which leads to celebration. For 15 years, Taguchi has found and shared the therapy in lines that rhyme and others that don' making promises that are broken by being pulled one way while longing for anotherand by making sense of the world and why our expectations can lead to such heartache...and such joy.

With many irons in the fire, Taguchi's backlog of songs are slowly making their way in to the tangible world with the tri-release of Fuselage, Songs For The Lone Adelie and ...By Blunt Winter Sun (EP).


Learn to Fall

Written By: Brian Taguchi

Morning sun’s got me coming to
I’m out the door without my shoes
While you’re still asleep
I’m down to the paper stand
The world is spinning out of hand
What can I do?
Go back home, crawl in bed with you

Waiting so long,
Rather build than buy another vacant home
The party is on

And I’m standing off as you dance for all your worth
The world on your shoulders rolls off and it occurs
The days don’t pass through a window in a wall
And if you never try to jump, you never learn to fall

You know, you never told me ‘bout the skin you shed
And it’s a long way back when I’m not some book you’ve read
But this foolish talkin’ I do when I just want to be inside you
What can I do?
Go back home crawl in bed with you

I’m fading back in to the flowers by the walls
Up in the highest tower of them all
This time is ours

And you pull me down from my deep and hidden perch
The world on your shoulders rolls off and it occurs
Days will pass on despite of these walls
And if you teach me how to jump, I’ll show you how to fall


Written By: Brian Taguchi

Take me away with you
I would and if I could
Send me off there too
Instead of trying to act

Naturally, you’re going away
You leave me here in much the same
Reminders of the times we shared
But I won’t be sad, and I won’t be scared
But I’ll miss your eyes across from mine
And how sad they look in this candle’s light

And I’ll keep myself composed in the wake of your
Departure so you don’t hesitate and
Think I’m not as strong as you
But you know me and you know that I’ll wait

By the telephone, I lay awake
And shudder at the thought that you won’t
Make it through to me tonight
When darkness falls and I need a light
A beam of light to get me through
And I’ll grab on tight until I come on by you
Until I come on by you.

Not Like This

Written By: brian taguchi

It’s not quite what you’d expected
And there was nothing wrong with you
We’d grown up so protective
Of the things we feel we have right to

Like takin’ off in an aeroplane
The sweet goodbye and I’ll see you again
With your friends in beside ya
Not the screamin’ and the cryin’

No, not like this

It’s not what you’d expected
Your work did not amount to this
The plane flew in and wrecked it
Your chance at love or at least one last kiss

I hear the whispers in the yard
On the road coming from afar
In the laughter, in a dream
I know that we didn’t ever think

We’d be left like this
No not like this


Written By: Brian Taguchi

Every morning, I lay my hand upon that pipe
And it’s worth the walk, ‘coz my water’s not tastin’ right
And I can hear it, feel it rushing past
Through our tin and cardboard houses, to your garden, & gone too fast
From our tin and cardboard houses, we have come to fill a glass

You swing the hammer, I will hold the spike
And lit by a candle we’ll take turns throughout the night
And when this casing breaks, we’ll see,
What the sun looks like through the water in our glass
But you’d better drink it down, because this party will never last

Every morning, I lay my hand upon that pipe
And it fuels the plot that we’ve been watering plants all night
And I can hear it, feel it rushing past
From our tin and cardboard houses, to your garden we’ll come fast
From the safety of your garden, you patch the holes that never last

Accidental Suicide

Written By: Brian Taguchi

I used to get real down ‘bout how little I was paid
Wondered how come they’re happy, doing what I hate
But I pulled my shit together
To find the joy in every day
With the booze and music flowing, keep the shadows at bay, singin’

Ooh, a song that I wrote

And when I made my promise, that I’d be true to you
Let go of the self-loathing, that I tend to do
To pull us close together
To pay full price for two
The joy when you are with me, how did I end up with you?

Ooh, love song we wrote

No I didn’t see it coming, just the door slammed in my face
We had just got back from dinner, in a fight, in a bad place
On my knees, on the floor, on our anniversary
The shadows breaking through the door, drag me to my feet
I grab a bottle for the road
Some pills that I can eat
Take a walk, I walk, I fall, I leave
My body, in the night, in the field

Ooh, a song that I wrote


"...By Blunt Winter Sun" EP (2014)
"Songs for the Lone Adelie" (2000/2014)
"Fuselage" - (1998/2014)
"Clever Hans" - with Clever Hans (1998)

Set List

Solo acoustic and/or electric setlist ranges from 30 to 60 minutes in length, and varies depending on the mood of the audience and what songs might resonate most strongly with a particular crowd.

Band setlist ranges from 30 to 60 minutes in length, featuring guitar-driven tunes from "Fuselage", "Adelie" and the newly released "...By Blunt Winter Sun" EP. Imagine a scenario where Joel Plaskett meets the Police at Hayden's house.