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"From speech impediment to Gospel singer"

From speech impediment to Gospel Singer
By Ann Kagarise

When Brian Donahue was a boy, hardly anyone could understand him. “I had a speech impediment. I couldn’t hear consonants. I would talk with all vowels.”
All he wanted to do was sing. He would get up in front of the church and the congregation would think he was so cute. “They couldn’t understand a word I was saying, but I sang really loud.”
Donahue would sing in his bedroom with his flashlight. After years of speech therapy, he was understandable. Donahue started voice lessons at Malone College, started creating his own music, and now he has just released his first CD. He had his CD release concert a few weeks ago and sold over 70 albums. “It was just phenomenal,” Donahue stated.
God gave Donahue a vision. “I don’t know if you want to cal it a vision, but I had this dream of when I get to heaven. I am looking at God for the first time and He says, ‘Boy Brian, it’s really great to see ya. I am so glad you are here. Great job!’ He looks behind me and says, ‘How many people did you bring with ya? How many people did you invite?’ I have this picture of me looking back and standing there all alone. I knew then that this was what it is all about.”
Donahue’s hope and vision with his ministry is to take many with him into heaven. “When I walk into heaven, I want there to be a sea of people behind me; not because I did anything great or that I can get more jewels on my crown, but so God can say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’”
Donahue’s goal has always been to be a Christian musician. “I have always wanted to break into mainstream and tour all over, but underneath it all there is a real desire to bring people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. I give altar calls at my concerts. I just want to give people the opportunity that hear my music, hear my stories to meet God.”
Donahue has a definite goal. “My goal in ministry is to bring people to the kingdom so they don’t have to suffer in hell for eternity.”
Donahue believes that God is the one that gave him his vision. “I believe God gives us visions, and if we are faithful, it can come true.”
When Donahue was attending Malone, playing for Chapel Band and singing in their choir, he was going through a very difficult time in his life. “I was born and raised in the church. My dad was an elder. I had a good background. As I got older, I started to separate from my parents perspective on life. I have had time of extreme lukewarmness. I knew all the head knowledge stuff, but I struggled with pornography.”
Donahue believes that he has to talk to the masses about this. “A lot of men have this problem. God has freed me from this. I think when people hear me talk about it so openly, it frees them to talk about it and other addictions as well.”
Donahue cried out to God, “Please forgive me. Please save me from this.” He would pray every day. “The thing that changed was I started taking the word, ‘I’ out of my prayers. God started really intervening on my behalf.”
Donahue had a real problem with how he saw himself. “Everyone at Malone knew who I was. I was the guy who played drums for chapel band. I had this terrible feeling of being a complete fake. God was talking to people on my behalf. People were praying for me, and they didn’t even know what I was going through.”
Donahue believes he has to be real and honest in his music. “I am not perfect. I was the one at church that looked like the perfect, clean-cut kid. I wore a tie. I knew how to put on a good show.”
Donahue wants to meet people right where they are. “I knew that when I started, I wanted to write songs where people really lived. I didn’t want to write typical, God-is-good lyrics. I wanted people to relate to who I am as a person.”
“A lot of what I write is the message of, I don’t have it all together, and I’m searching type of stuff,” Donahue explained. The title of the album is, Show Me The Truth. It is the first song on the CD. “I’m a ship without sails. I’m out at sea and I have this huge vessel, but I can’t get anywhere. I’m just reaching to God to show me the truth, show me the answers to life, be my sails so you can send me to where you want me to be.”
The second song is called, The One. “I had been running for a long time from my past. I didn’t know where I’d been or where I wanted to go. I don’t even know what you look like, God. I’m not sure if I know what it is like to know you truly. God, just show me what I need to do. I don’t know. I don’t have all the answers.”
Donahue referred to the Scriptures. “David was one of the most vile sinners in the Bible, but he was a man after God’s own heart. I think that is what I am doing. I am a sinner, but I am seeking him. God can wash us white as snow, and I really believe that God’s grace overflowed to me abundantly. God’s grace is amazing.”
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"Brian T. Donahue Celebrating Completion of Debut Album"

Brian T. Donahue – Celebrating Completion Of First Album

Grace Community Church in Alliance is celebrating the release of worship leader Brian T. Donahue’s debut album. The album is titled “Show Me The Truth.” It is a contemporary Christian project that features twelve original songs written by Brian and several other local musicians. The musicians include Christopher Duncan of Beloit, Jesse Thompson of Canton, and Pete Donahue of Alliance.
“I’ve always wanted to write and record music. This has been an awesome experience!” Brian would like to get into the mainstream of contemporary Christian music and plans on continuing to write and record. He recorded this project at New Renaissance Productions Studio in Beloit which is owned and operated by Christopher Duncan.
Brian says the lyrics are deeply meaningful to him as he tried to write about how life really is as a Christian, “I write songs where people really live and I’m honest about who I am as a person and what I struggle with.”
The concert will feature a live band consisting of Brian on lead vocals and percussion, Christopher Duncan on sax, flute and vocals, Dan Rice of Alliance on acoustic guitar, Sue Michaels of Alliance on keyboards and vocals, Dale Mills of Alliance on bass guitar, and Doug Cunin of Alliance on drums. The concert will also incorporate what Brian promises to be a great slide show with all of his original songs. There will be food there for people to enjoy as well as a nursery for the young ones.
This concert is completely free and open to the public, but copies of Brian’s CD will be available for purchase. It starts at 7pm on Saturday, August the 19th at Northside Elementary in Alliance. For directions and more info visit and click on the “Stay Up To Date” link.
- Hartville News


Show Me The Truth
Release Dat: 08-19-06



Brian is currently serving as worship leader and youth pastor for The Genesis Project, an up and coming modern church in Ogden, Utah. He is working on songs for his next album project which will feature a more mature set of songs that will explore the depths of his soul and offer a greater variety of intricate melodies and musicianship.

His piano skills have greatly improved since he released "Show Me The Truth." He is more diversified in style and sound then he was two years ago and is building momentum towards his next album.