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Brian Thomas O'Donnell

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""Inside MySpace""

Excerpt from Movmnt Magazine's feature article "Inside MySpace", Summer 2006 Issue.

"Take Brownie for instance. Born Brian ODonnell, Brownie has been making music and playing the bar/coffeehouse scene for over a decade, languishing in relative obscurity like most singers living in New York. Last year he started a MySpace profile, and was discovered by an ever-growing community of young music fans that are currently obsessed with his brand of melancholy indie pop. He currently has over twelve thousand friends on his profile. He has hired a small PR firm to do nothing more than help him manage friend requests and comments. He is about to release an anticipated full-length album in October, and is planning a national tour where the only coffeehouses he will see will actually be serving him coffee. He is also thinking of touring Europe. All of this happened in less than one year."

- Movmnt Magazine


Under Brian Thomas O'Donnell:

RED EP - OUT JUNE 29, 2010
GREEN - out 2010 - In production now!
BLUE - out 2010

Under "Brownie" moniker"

The Cold Recording Sessions - 2005

"With You" - 2007 (single)
"Didn't Know" - 2009 (Single)



Hello. My name is Brian Thomas O’Donnell and I am an electronic-pop artist and multi-instrumentalist. RED OUT NOW!

My journey into music began at age five when I received my first toy keyboard for Christmas. Mom and Dad had no idea that gift would mold my future and start a life long quest to create and share music.

Dad was in the Air Force and moved my Mother and two younger sisters all over the world. This often prevented me from long term friendships but the time gave me the chance to really focus on teaching myself how to play as many instruments as possible. I joined the school band as soon as I was old enough and quickly made my rounds playing all of the different instruments. I eventually settled in the brass and percussion arena and stayed there throughout high school and college.

Not satisfied with limiting myself to orchestral tunes, I soon began accompanying others during talent shows and joined the jazz band to deepen my understanding of melody, song structure and add the piano to my repertoire. The keys really spoke to me and it wasn’t long before I started writing my own songs and having my friends sing and perform them at school ensemble performances and shows. It was also at this time that I learned about electronics, synthesizers, drum machines and the one thing that would change my life forever, multitrack recording. Electronic Pop music fascinated me and I studied as many songs as possible – learning the ins and outs of production and sound design. Peter Gabriel, The Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Erasure and Joy Division would mold me forever.

Fast forward to 1997 when I decided to leave my Florida family and move to New York City. I worked my way through the Institute of Audio Research and quickly was hired as an assistant engineer at Quad Studios while still finishing the program. I learned so much and worked with many Grammy nominated and winning artists, producers and engineers. After school I continued to work on the technical side of the industry for a few years at various studios in Manhattan and played gigs with friends at many NYC venues.

In 2005, I released my first solo EP “The Cold Recording Sessions” under my childhood nickname, Brownie. “Sessions” earned me a large following on MySpace and exposed me through great reviews, articles and TV airplay when the song “Life” was picked for a popular Discovery Channel show. “Ghost” received radio airplay on several indie music shows as well as online music sites and podcasts.

In 2008, I started writing the first songs for my new project. Through the trials and tribulations of trying new sounds and pushing myself further, I realized that settling into a more electronic vibe was gelling with me. I released “Didn’t know” as a single in 2009 to get a response to the new sound. The song was remixed by DJ’s I met through Twitter and MySpace and it wasn’t long until the song caught on. “Didn’t Know” became the foundation of the production style for the rest of the project. I decided to drop the Brownie moniker and use my full name going forward.

Enter Brian Thomas O’Donnell.

The songs were flowing and I re-wrote and produced the songs many times over while recording. In March 2010, the project was done but still had no title. I was looking for a common thread in the songs and found that I had groups of similar topics. I took these groups of songs and decided to release three subject related EP’s back to back instead of one album – RED, GREEN and BLUE was born.

June 29, 2010 marks the release of the first EP, Red – a collection of songs about idealistic love. The sound is laid back electronic-pop with layers of synths, guitars, drum machines and vocals. Look for Red worldwide on iTunes, and the BTOD Music Shop (opening soon).

This is just the beginning…