Brian Vassallo

Brian Vassallo

BandEDMNew Age

Upbeat instrumental tracks with Jean-Michel Jarre,Vangelis,Jan Hammer,Sven Vaeth- inspired music.Swooshing synth washes, whooshing sonic effects, echoing tones, and dramatic analog chords,ambient sides of electronica, tranquil moods & chill-out but also music created towards new-age afficionados.


Born in 1971 on Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, electronic music artist Brian Vassallo became interested in computers and graphics at the age of 11.

By the time he turned 16, he discovered the music of Jean Michel Jarre and when he watched one of Jarre's Concerts something stirred within him as he fell in love with this new type of music he was hearing for the first time.

As he listened to the synthesizer music, playing in time with lights and images, he felt that, in a sense, his passion for this music had been dormant inside him, but now was finally awakened at this point in his life. This epiphany would lead him down the path his life would take as a musician.

Shortly thereafter, Vassallo bought his first synthesizer and, as time went by, he continued to explore and listen to music from different artists, although he concentrated on EM, as well as motion picture soundtracks since he was equally passionate about music for films. "Music [for films] is really an important factor in a movie; it has a strong impact [on the ] atmosphere of a motion picture."

In his small and modestly equipped bedroom studio, Vassallo started to experiment with electronic music and the sounds from his instruments.

As he expanded his instruments and became more accomplished,he eventually between 1997-1998, the artist decided to record his first album

The recording, Beyond,self-released in 1999, met with critical acclaim from people like Chuck Van Zyl of the Star's End radio program in the US and Wind and Wire's editor Bill Binkelman, who wrote "If you love classic spacemusic, Beyond could become one of your favorite recordings of recent memory."

Beyond was inspired by Vassallo's fascination with space travel and the wonders of the universe as well as the awe that the cosmos inspires inside him, feelings he has had since he was a boy. With Beyond , the artist's goal was have each song relate to the title. "I think I have achieved this" Vassallo states.

The release of Beyond led to appearances on local TV and reviews from both local newspapers and in various publications abroad. In 1999, the artist was approached to have music from Beyond to be used for a major event: The Spectacle of the Millennium Eve in Malta.



Album 'BEYOND':Copyright 1998 Brian Vassallo.
Album 'FLASHBACK':Copyright 2001,2006 Brian Vassallo.