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Brian Warren

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada | INDIE

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada | INDIE
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"Brian Warren's Summer in the Dark"

Brian Warren comes to Regina by way of the east coast and currently resides in Switzerland. The sounds that he creates provoke thoughts and feelings like that of a good story book or a Hollywood movie, without that being the primary intention. Warren's music simply serves to convey a message, most times light-hearted and fun-loving. So from an emotional standpoint I'd say he has all his bases covered. My good friend Mark, who works at the REGINA SPAREPARTS has collaborated with Brian on multiple occasions and from what he has told me the man is on another level when it comes to creativity with his music.

I have experienced it a few times first hand and will be the first person to tell you that what Brian does when he is in his element, really is something else. His latest release entitled "Summer In The Dark" is a testament to this. The track takes it's inspiration from "The smooth sounds of the early 60's and is about stepping back, slowing down and tuning out the distractions that prevent us from having meaningful relationships with people around us and the places we live". Like I said, unintentionally thought-provoking. I'm sure what this track is meant to do is give you a relaxed sense of calm, but at the same time tends to make you think about the bigger picture, and the individual circumstances it relates to in each of our lives.

Summer In The Dark just might be the perfect name for the track as it is fitting for the time of year; it also helps to represent the mood and tempo of the song. It is as easy to listen to on a Monday morning as it is a Friday night and can carry you through the week with the greatest of ease. Warren has a way of making music that is timeless and could come from any era, transcending time and trends musically speaking. He is a good guy with a good sense of what he wants to accomplish and Summer In The Dark is reflection of both.

Enjoy the track and get a free download courtesy of WWW.BRIANWARREN.CA. Also since Brian wants to share this creation with as many people as possible, feel free to tag your "Summer In The Dark" themed TWEETS and INSTAGRAM posts with #summerinthedark to become a part of the feeling.

Happy Monday everyone. - The Rooster

"Brian Warren at McNally's"

By Tyler Daku posted Monday, November 28th

Brian Warren is a local artist who’s musical style, and skill have slowly been building him a strong reputation in Regina’s indie music scene. Having been a part of music in the city for years, Warren has built his image based on solid music, great stage presence and a polished and professional sound that has his fan base expanding at a very high rate. Over the weekend I had a chance to take in a show at McNally’s a local pub known for showcasing some of the best acts that Regina has to offer.

When we got to the venue it was just a short time before Brian and his band took the stage, this gave us enough time to grab a pint from the wide selection of draught options, find a table and settle in. Upon hearing the intro for the first song of the night we knew we were in for a treat; the band has great chemistry and this fact shined through with perfect timing and great awareness of one another on stage.

Throughout the set there was constant interaction between not only Brian and the band but Brian and the crowd as well as the band and the crowd. There was never a dull moment, which in a setting like this can be the death of an act but in this case the interaction served to only heighten the good vibes between artist and patron.

The set was solid in length and consisted of a healthy mix of new and old tracks, as well as a few that helped to kick off the Christmas season. Toward the end of the show they even found a way to mix in a lovely lady who it appeared could have randomly been pulled from the crowd. It was a great addition.

I think that if you are the type of person who enjoys live music and a different way to spend a night than the classic weekend activities, then catching a Brian Warren show is in your best interests. It made for a great night out that was well worth the $5 cover charge, which thanks to McNally’s all goes to the artists. In this case that is especially beneficial because it means that the drummer can continue to receive regular haircuts. - Spareparts Life


Summer in the Dark, 2012
1) summer in the dark
2) you're so shiny (in the sun)
3) in the red
4) look at you
5) hang on, farmer
6) when my heart stops
7) midsummer

In the Dead of Winter, 2010
1) je me souviens
2) sintaluta
3) when the summer falls
4) shiver
5) christmas in a tropical climate
6) how could i forget
7) the night before christmas
8) in the dead of winter



Brian Warren is an independent Canadian singer/songwriter with a sound rooted in smooth vocals, luscious surf guitars, and gritty Latin rhythms. His songs are a characteristic fusion of folk rock, surf music, and heartfelt songwriting that is as honest as it is infectious. On stage, Warren is backed by a killer band that features a Regina Symphony Orchestra bassist, a Cuban-trained conga player, sultry saxophone, and drumming thats heavy on feel.

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Warren has never stayed anywhere for long. At 19, he left Canada with a guitar and a backpack. He lived and worked in Seattle, Denver, and then traveled further, to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. After settling down in the Canadian prairies, Warren spent years working the drums for a living, all the while, tinkering with his love for song craft. Since 2010, he has recorded two self-produced albums, playing almost every instrument himself, with some notable contributions by talented friends. In the Dead of Winter (2010) and Summer in the Dark (2012), both available on iTunes, represent a diverse array of genres and instruments, engaging various aspects of love and life through changing seasons.

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