Brian Warren

Brian Warren

 Regina, Saskatchewan, CAN

Brian Warren is an independent musician, songwriter, and world traveler. With a sound rooted in smooth vocals, luscious surf guitars, and gritty Latin rhythms, Brian's music is awash with good vibrations.


Brian Warren is an independent Canadian singer/songwriter with a sound rooted in smooth vocals, luscious surf guitars, and gritty Latin rhythms. His songs are a characteristic fusion of folk rock, surf music, and heartfelt songwriting that is as honest as it is infectious. On stage, Warren is backed by a killer band that features a Regina Symphony Orchestra bassist, a Cuban-trained conga player, sultry saxophone, and drumming thats heavy on feel.

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Warren has never stayed anywhere for long. At 19, he left Canada with a guitar and a backpack. He lived and worked in Seattle, Denver, and then traveled further, to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. After settling down in the Canadian prairies, Warren spent years working the drums for a living, all the while, tinkering with his love for song craft. Since 2010, he has recorded two self-produced albums, playing almost every instrument himself, with some notable contributions by talented friends. In the Dead of Winter (2010) and Summer in the Dark (2012), both available on iTunes, represent a diverse array of genres and instruments, engaging various aspects of love and life through changing seasons.


Summer in the Dark, 2012
1) summer in the dark
2) you're so shiny (in the sun)
3) in the red
4) look at you
5) hang on, farmer
6) when my heart stops
7) midsummer

In the Dead of Winter, 2010
1) je me souviens
2) sintaluta
3) when the summer falls
4) shiver
5) christmas in a tropical climate
6) how could i forget
7) the night before christmas
8) in the dead of winter