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The Other Side

Written By: Brian D. Williams

Verse 1:

I remember, being four years old

He was ten feet tall, and I was small with room to grow

He would hold me, if I got scared at night

When the lighting flashed and the thunder rolled across the sky

And he would tell me, as he walked out my bedroom door

Chorus 1:

On the other side, I’ll be standing by

Don’t worry about a thing my boy it’ll be alright

In the morning, there’ll be bright sunshine

It’ll be OK, in the brand new day if you give it time

If you give it time, things’ll be just fine, on the other side

Verse 2:

Back in high school, things weren’t always good

Harsh words were spoke ‘cause we both felt misunderstood

We could sometimes, find a common ground

But at seventeen, it just ain’t cool to hang around

So I moved on to see what I could find

Chorus 2:

On the other side, I thought the world was mine

I could be the boss and make all the rules in my own time

I was stubborn, just like my old man

Too proud to say that sometimes I could use a hand

Never crossed my mind, that someday he’d be gone


When I think about the time that we spend here on earth

I miss the man who taught me all that life is worth

And when my time has come to go before that gate

I pray that I will see my dad again

Chorus 3:

On the other side, where Daddies never die

And we lift up songs of praise in everlasting life

There’ll be no sorrows, and there’ll be no more tears

You can cast off all your sin and shame and all your fears

And see your family, after all those years

On the other side


Recorded at The Virtual Woodshed – Richmond, VA, February 2013
All instruments and vocals by Brian Williams
Produced, engineered and mixed by Brian Williams