Brian Wiltsey

Brian Wiltsey

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Brian Wiltsey is a singer/songwriter from Atlanta, GA. Known for his strong voice, wide vocal range, & knack for writing clever & catchy lyrics, Brian’s style can be described as sensitive artist to straight-up pop rocker. Whether performing solo or with his talented band, Brian never disappoints.


Brian Wiltsey is a singer/songwriter living in Atlanta, GA. Known for his strong voice and knack for writing clever and catchy lyrics, Brian’s style can be described as sensitive artist to straight-up pop rocker. Whether performing solo or with his talented backing band, Brian Wiltsey never disappoints.

Music has meant so much to Wiltsey from the first time he heard a Beatles record as a little boy. “I can remember trying to always figure out if it was John or Paul singing lead before I even knew that the band had broken up 10 years before I was born”. To this day, I do not know where I would be without music.

With five solo records under his belt, newly released “This Time Around”, puts Brian back on the map in the mainstream pop/rock world. It’s a deviation from his previous album “Lucky Ones”, which brought out the laid back, sensitive side of Brian. “This Time Around” was produced by Mark Kano, former lead singer of the popular 90’s band Athenaeum and is sure to be his most promising album yet with each song having the potential to be a commercial hit. There are no fillers on this record. Brian’s full intent was to team up with a hit songwriter and create songs that can take him to the next level and gain a larger audience. Mark Kano was a big influence in the early stages of Brian’s career. It made perfect sense to approach Kano years later to produce this record. Wiltsey says it was surreal and exciting to work with someone he’d been a fan of for years. The two were able to achieve the sound that Wiltsey has been striving for the last ten years. It also doesn’t hurt that the album also features Joey Barnes on drums (Daughtry) and Brandon Bush on keys (Train, Sugarland).

Brian is no stranger to working with talented artists. His last album was co-produced with Clay Cook of the Zac Brown Band. Wiltsey has had the privilege of sharing the stage with well know acts such as John Mayer, Edwin McCain, Angie Aparo, Jeffrey Gaines, and spent a few years as guitarist for American Idol finalist, Michael Johns.

Wiltsey’s goal is to get his new music out to as many listeners and industry folks as possible. His newest batch of songs will be pitched to every TV show, commercial, artist, record label, contest, publisher, and distributor that he can contact. With 12 years of touring and performing full time under his belt, the time is now for Wiltsey to take the leap to the next level of success, and he has the drive and talent to make it happen.

Brian Wiltsey has been given the gift of entertaining people with music. Nothing makes him feel more satisfied than bringing emotions out of people with a song. “If I can move one person every night with my voice and lyrics, then I've accomplished something special”. To sum it all up, Wiltsey creates melodies out of emotions and hopes to continue doing that until the day the music dies.


Lucky Ones

Written By: Brian Wiltsey

There’s a hotel on the boulevard
Where you can’t stay if you don’t have a job
The kind of job that gets you things for free

The parties have all begun
But you’re not invited like the other ones
Whose names are on the list of VIP’s.

No use thinking about myself
Were all just stuck with the hand were dealt.

I don’t want you to have all the fun
The world is full of lucky ones
Some just tend to get all the love
And act like they don’t give a FU----NNY thing is
I would like to become
Just like the lucky ones.

There’s a singer outta Baltimore
Who could make you cry with a minor chord
Played beneath a lovesick melody__

You can find her in the local bars
Cause she doesn’t have the looks that make a star
I bet she feels the exact same way as me.

No use thinking about ourselves
Were all just stuck with the hand were dealt.


I’m not one for deadly sins, but I’m envious of those who win
The hearts of everyone they meet. Yeah!!!!


(CHORUS) But I….

If I Lied

Written By: Brian Wiltsey

When you’re in love/ You think you’ve got something good/ And you could never play the fool/ That was not the case/ I swear I tried to be strong/ But I broke all the rules/ Rules of love, rules of life, rules we follow just to survive/ It’s a pleasure to know you/ But I did not deserve you/ Ever night I try to fall asleep/ I think of promises I couldn’t keep/ The questions arise/ Would you have stayed if I lied/ There’s no turning back/ You have made it too clear/ I crumbled and I cheated/ Cheated on love, cheated on life, cheated on reasons I used to survive/ CHORUS/ I wish you’d forgive me and forget the pain I brought you/ It’s not fair, I do care/ I would not have done this if things were not like this/ I’m sorry, but please forgive me/ Forgive me/ CHORUS


Written By: Brian Wiltsey

Its been hard thinking about the road ahead
Is it wrong to keep this image in my head
Feels like the sun’s gone down on me
Everything changes suddenly
Today will define my history….

Its what you wanted
Im here but falling apart.

I don’t want to drown myself in sorrow
Its been dark since you went away
I wanna forget about this tomorrow
But its not the same, no its not the same
You’re not here___
No you’re not here with me.

Every time that you fall into my arms
I close my eyes and hope this feeling is for real
The phone never rings anymore
When it does I need you more
I’m being closed in by all four walls….

The sky has been crying
Black tears, the daylight is dying.


Blow up the sun!! Blow up the sky!!
You left me with nothing to prove to me why
Its not who you are that makes it this way
Its where you are that causes the shade_____.

Every time that you fall into my arms
I close my eyes, pretend it’s real_____.

December To Remember

Written By: Brian Wiltsey

Its our first Xmas together
Last year was spent all alone
The holidays feel so much better
When you share them with someone you love

I saved all my money
To buy you the stars and the moon
I cant wait to help you go pick out a tree
One that’s as pretty as you.

Your stocking is hung right next to mine
Soon…the snow will fall from the sky
I now have a reason to yell Tis’ the season
It’s finally December……
A December to remember.

I made my list for santa
But he can just fly right on by
I’ve already got the one thing I want
He can give the rest to some other guy.


Candles in the windows
Griswald lights cover the house
Soon it will be Christmas Eve
I cant imagine it with anyone else……!!!!


This Time Around (2013)
Produced by Mark Kano

December To Remember - Christmas Single (2010)
Produced by Brian Wiltsey

Lucky Ones (2009)
Produced by Brian Wiltsey, Clay Cook

Rain and Flies (2006)
Produced by Brian Wiltsey, Bret Hartley

Mind's Made Up (2004)
Produced by Brian Wiltsey, Ben Price, Clay Cook

Ghost On The Outside (2003)
Produced by Brian Wiltsey, Bret Hartley, Shawn Malone

Set List

Set Time - 60 Minutes

Trust Me
She's The Reason
Morning Sky
This Time Around
If I Lied
What We Keep Inside
Lamb and Lion
Good To Be Us
Try (Give It All Back To You)
Lucky Ones
You Make It Better
Things Will Get Better
(Cool Cover Tune)