Brian Witty

Brian Witty


A very edgey take on first generation blues. Heavily influenced from the delta music of the 1930's and 40's, Brian's energetic solo performance provides a window into a tormented soul. His slide on an old National guitar drips with anger and longing while his haunting vocals chill you to the bone.


Coming from an area so close to Nashville, you may expect Brian Witty's influences to come from areas outside of what most consider blues.... until you hear him play. It then becomes apparent that the likes of Son House, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and the like are no strangers to his turntable. Deep Blues, Old Blues, Kick you in the gut Blues- it's where he's at, where he's been, and where he's going.


Recording in process

Set List

60 minute show with a short break.

Rollin' and Tumblin'
Ain't Superstitious
Come on in my kitchen
Levee camp moan
Death Letter
Stones in my Passway
John the Revelator
Mistreated (original)
Hopeless romantic (original)
Pack up (original)
Lay the bottle down (original)
Need Lovin (original)
Things that haunt me (original)