Brian Wright

Brian Wright

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Singer/Songwriter, Rock, Folk, Country


Brian Wright ( creates a soulful revival of American sounds masterfully crafted with traditional leanings joyous enough to reverberate through Appalachian churches, down and dirty enough to bubble out of the swamp, and at times pained enough to echo out of a crumbling coal mine—all kept in balance by bass lines reminiscent of rock ‘n’ roll’s early domination of pop culture. His music overflows with timeless sounds, but it could only exist in this equation today.
We’re talking whiskey swilling, smoke puffing, foot stomping, speaker rattlers, with the occasional tear jerker that’ll make you try to act tough and cuss the pollen count or pretend you got something stuck in your eye.
On his latest, House on Fire, Brian played every instrument, and that’s saying a good bit, because there are a lot on there. Brian didn’t play every instrument because he had to- there’s a long list of really talented guys who would love to be on there- but he did it because that was the only way to make sure every note, every beat, and every millisecond in between sounded the way he wanted it to.
Now, you probably wouldn’t expect a guy who played every instrument on an album to have the best band in town, but Brian always does. (Hell, you didn’t know he was the son of a bank robber either, so let’s not jump to conclusions here). The Waco Tragedies are some of the finest musicians in Los Angeles, and together they make a raucous, joyous noise.
Some people will claim rock ‘n’ roll fell from America’s choice genre when it stopped making people dance, and there seems to be some truth to that, but when you feel Brian and the Tragedies play, you have to move to it. Of course, considering he made the whole last album by himself, Brian can also put on just as compelling of a show with only him and a guitar or banjo.
If you want the regular resume type of stuff, Brian’s released three albums and an EP, toured the world, played with John Prine, and been featured online by CNN, Current TV,,, LAist and more. But in the end, words can only say so much, so go listen to the music.


Dog Ears, Bluebird, House on Fire