Briar Ridge

Briar Ridge


Rockin Original Country Band. Plays originals mixed with covers. 1-2 hour shows. Specializes in fronting for big artist in medium to medium large venues. Operates in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee.


Original songs available on a full length finished album with songs that reach a variety of listeners. 2 years in production, the album is not a demo, it is a marketable product. Live shows support the album and hold a crowd. Upbeat with no down time between songs. Holds Makers Mark Whiskey as a primary sponsor and Makers Mark Promotions available during performances. Featured on regional radio stations and at Coyotes Country Music and Dance Hall in Louisville, Kentucky.


LP "Simple Life" Full length, 12 song original album that has 79 hours of professional mixdown to its credit. Not a demo! the title song "Simple Life" Plays automatically when you enter our website. Also, hear the song "I Knew" at Songs form the album are regularly played on Regional Radio Stations and at Coyotes and Saddle Ridge clubs in Louisville, KY. Album will be available on the Touchtones Nationwide Jukebox Network in late Summer 2006.

Set List

Sets are one hour long. 1-3 sets per show depending on the club requirements. Songs include our originals mixed with cover songs from: Big & Rich, Montgomery Gentry, Jason Aldeen, Toby Keith, and other new top 40 country.