What they are is a very, very good rock band. – City Pages * If Brice continue developing at this rate, then this band of childhood friends may end up being one of the Twin Cities finest. – Pulse of the Twin Cities * One of the 50 best unsigned artists in the USA - CMJ/Coca cola *Sweatshirt POP


brice is an indie rock band from Minnesota. The original four members began playing shows in the year 2000 around the University of Minnesota campus. The fifth and final member (Jon Drankwalter) joined the band about a year later.
The bands live show secured a dedicated local fan base, which is why it almost made sense to hit the road for their first tour during the summer of 2001 before recording their first album. Inspired by the “Spacecamp” tour brice went into the studio to record their first album. They released an untitled five song EP in 2002 before the LP was finished. The EP spent 7 weeks on the CMJ Top 200.
In the fall of 2003 brice finally released their first LP “What Happens in Spacecamp Stays in Spacecamp”. The long awaited album was well received by the fans and critics.
With the valuable lessons learned in the studio brice immediately went back to writing the songs for the follow-up LP. brice barricaded themselves inside a cabin in the frozen north of Minnesota and emerged with the songs that would make up the base of their new LP.
brice continued to play incessant live shows in the Midwest until their first recording session in late spring at Pachyderm studio in Cannon Falls, MN. They drastically reduced their show schedule to concentrate on the album. brice wanted to take a whole new approach to this album by recording almost exclusively analog and live. This was a great concept for the band to explore after the Flaming Lips inspired digital madness of “Spacecamp” where there was no such thing as going too far.
Their new standard was “if you can’t play it live, it doesn’t go on the record.” After three days at Pachyderm studio brice had over ½ of the album finished. During the summer they wrote the remaining songs and finished the album over a few weekends at It’s a Secret Studio in Minneapolis.
This became the second LP called “cabin capers” in tribute to the birthplace of the new songs. Feb. 1st, 2005 was the official release date for “cabin capers” and the date brice could transition back from studio to live show mode. On Jan 11th, 2005 “cabin capers” debuted on the CMJ Top 200 where it stayed for 8 weeks.



Written By: brice

We’re in their footsteps
Fit in their footsteps
Onetime *when dinos Ruled the world*

We wonder why
All different colors
Some ate the others
That’s fine *when dinos ruled the world*

Come through the skies
Underground and inside
Now gas for my ride
In time *when dinos ruled the world*


No telling when but
It’s gonna happen
Sometime *when dinos ruled the world*

Caught them off guard
The world is changing
And Re-arranging
This time *when dinos ruled the world*

Suns up at night
Something is wrong here
Call to the People
It’s time *when dinos ruled the world*

They say a comet got’um all……..
From light years away……………
It’s light years away………………


Written By: brice

Would you like to know where I always go
So much you’d like to know
Got a jet pack upon my back
I’m setting up to go
In the sky there’s no reason why
Out by the moon
Where the dreams last all night long
I’m taking of soon

I’m taking off soon
I’m taking off

Would you like to know where I always go
Am I clear to land below
I circled round then touched the ground
A friendly planet I have found
Up in float by the stars and moon
It’s a spaced out afternoon
You can meet me in an air balloon
I’m taking off soon

I’m taking off soon
I’m taking off


Written By: brice

Well I’m making my way, ‘til I finally reach the better part of my day. If I take a half-day, they’ll just hold my calls I’ll take them all on Monday.

I know I’ll get paid, even if I make it out of here right away (I’m not too concerned, still got plenty of cash to burn). And I know I can’t stay, if I leave right now I might catch an early plane (I can’t take much more, now I’m headed straight out the door).

Don’t stop, don’t slow down.
Don’t stop, don’t turn around.

Now I’m making my way, hope I finally reach the better part of my day (can’t be too far off, my thoughts are starting to get lost). And with nothing to say, better sit down and figure something out any way (if I go overboard, it’s nothing that I can’t afford).

Don’t stop, don’t slow down.
Don’t stop, don’t turn around.

Seems like I got it made, and I finally reached the better part of my day. Now as everything fades, know I finally reached the better part of my day.


Written By: brice

Don’t forget to hit record
And use the notebook you’ve ignored
Call the people that you met
And organize by alphabet
Don’t deny my jazz style funk
And don’t deny my James Brown drunk
Refrain, refrain to curse permits
So check in your swears with your hats and your mitts

There we were (there they were), lights were green (lights were green), and last night (and last night), I found true love comes to my dreams (to his dreams).
And I know (and he knows), by that sound (by that sound), I found true love comes underground (underground).
Now it’s gone (now it’s gone), to my head (to his head), could it be true love like she said (like she said).
Cause I’ve been (cause he’s been), through it all (through it all), I’ve seen true love come, I’ve seen true love go, I’ve seen true love stop, I’ve seen true love walking around

So use your style and use your space
And bring your love from place to place
It won’t be nervous and it’s never tense
And it’s always true cause that makes sense
You can see it far away
And if you treat it right it will always stay
Put on a smile and put on your slacks
And open your eyes and relax, relax

(chorus repeats)


Written By: brice

There she goes
Wearing a pink headband
Ooh that girl
No one will understand
I can tell
Just by the way she stands
Now she has
Everything in her hands

He needs a break
He needs a break
He knows

Here we go
Only way out of this
One more time (last time)
What would I really miss
Now that I’ve
Thought of the words to say
Ooh that girl
It’s not going to be today

He needs a break
He needs a break
He knows

He could be wrong but he’s not going to take it


Cabin Capers (c) 2004 *released 2005 - national college radio airplay - CMJ Top 200
What Happens in Spacecamp Stays in Spacecamp (c) 2003 - national college radio airplay, one single on AC Top 40 and Hot 100 stations
brice EP (c) 2001 *released 2002 - national college radio airplay - CMJ Top 200

Set List

Our typical set list is songs from our latest album "cabin capers" mixed with a couple tracks from "Spacecamp". We generally do not play covers. We can play up to 75 minutes but prefer to play 45-55 minute sets.