Brick and Fields

Brick and Fields


Original, good for kicking back relaxing and listening. Inspiring, and enjoyable. Good medicine. From the heart.


"Music is our gift and our life."
Based out of Eureka Springs Arkansas this married duo has dedicated their life to doing what they believe they were created to do, create and share their music. " We're on a faith walk. There are no guarantees but we both know that this is what we were born to do." After years of pursuing different avenues of music, traveling, and learning from some of the country's most talented artists, musicians, songwriters, and producers, Larry and Rachel found one another in the small tourist town of Eureka in the spring of 2008. "The first time we played music together, we knew we wanted to work together and that it would be a life-long mission. We share a like vision and faith and this is what determines each avenue we take." You can hear Brick and Fields often on the mystical outdoor patio of "The New Delhi" which is a lovely little cafe located in downtown Eureka, doing what they do best, sharing their music with appreciative listeners. Although they do travel to different cities and states, Eureka and The New Delhi is where they call home. They are currently working on a new project which will include songs that they have written together and others they have written individually then collaborated on. The music has a folky, bluesy, jazzy, contemporary feel which they like to call, "Good Medicine".

To contact:
Phone: (479) 981-2917
Snail-mail: PO Box 779-------Eureka Springs, AR 72632

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