Brick Briscoe
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Brick Briscoe

Petersburg, Indiana, United States

Petersburg, Indiana, United States
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Live Review"

“Brick’s music is a personal reflection of his soul. He has found the perfect outlet for his thoughts and ideas through his songwriting. A quirky blend of coffee house poetry, miscellaneous ramblings, art, existentialism and rock & roll. I don’t always know what in the hell he is trying to say, but I do know that I love him...”
Johnny Rockstore - World Citizen -

"Live in Chicago"

Brick's music is like a breath of fresh air when you're "drowning in a sea of retarded sexuality," to steal a quote from Spinal Tap. And in this slick pre-packaged world of modern Pop or Rock music he stands out as a definitive iconoclast ready to point his pen or finger at all who challenge him. Sometimes witty, and sometimes slightly frivolous, but always worthy of your attention. A true artist. Whether in studio or live his sound and style transcends it's confines of space and time. We need more of it! Steve Goodman - Chicago - Steve Goodman

"Fan Email"

"One of the most passionate, original artists I've seen in a long time. A nice break from the derivative, copycat acts that are seen on most nights."
Allen Greenberg- Chicago - From Chicago


Speed Kills, Jesus Saves (and Other Missed Opportunities) LP 2004

Expatriate Passion Play - LP 2008



Brick Briscoe has been around for several years. He is known as a filmmaker, a songwriter and performer. He has released two solo CDs, 2004’s “Speed Kills, Jesus Saves (and other missed opportunities) and the just released “Expatriate Passion Play and Gift Shop.” Briscoe is also a composer of electronic music and soundtracks. His most recent release in the genre is “Beautiful Warning Signs.” He also just provided the score for Steve Goodman's feature film "Girl U Want."

Brick's live show is a combination of slow boil and catharsis. His band ebbs and flows with each mood.

To say Briscoe is passionate about his creative process would be selling him and his collaborators short. Taking on the task of painting sound and song with the most electric, deep colors available isn’t something that just anyone should try at home but after testing the tides of both Los Angeles and New York City, he found both solace and fire in the soft rolling plains of Indiana. Home.

This soft-spoken yet hard-driven man still claims to be a fan first and foremost. Days of post-punk vinyl and the emerging indie film wave, CBGB’s, Wire, The Beautiful South, Gang of Four, The Jam, Stan Ridgway have left an indelible mark. Those passing by the studio will also hear Mahler, Monk and the Mekons. His tastes are as eclectic as his releases.

In the recent past Brick has produced Molly D, Matt Sullivan, Mike Adams, Machines from Birth, Denise Dill, Orenda, Namaste, over 20 commercials, a few EPKs for bands, photographed dozens of bands and clients and a feature documentary film.