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Bricks For Shoulders @ The Crazy Donkey

Farmingdale, New York, USA

Farmingdale, New York, USA

Bricks For Shoulders @ Mesonic temple

Smithtown, New York, USA

Smithtown, New York, USA

Bricks For Shoulders @ O'briens

Coram, New York, USA

Coram, New York, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Bricks For Shoulders play a socially conscious hardcore rock in the vein of Nora and Helmet. You know what, I like it! It's simple approach to rock with venomous lyrics and vocals, furious guitars and drums, one can't ask for more...but you will! "You Are, Therefore I Am.." is sonic blast of ferocious tunes guaranteed to rock your ass and shatter the windows of the house as you blare this album at an 11. Simple and effective, drums and a guitar. You will not believe the explosiveness of this band, consisiting of just two memebers. I cannot state it enough times, this is a flurry of hardcore rock that is aggressive, attacking and overwhelming. Yet, the beauty of the whole thing is that it is inviting enough to wrap around you like a wet blanket, this album sticks with you. I've been humming hardcore tunes, like "You Should Treat Your Kids As Well As You Treat Your Car" all afternoon! You don't hum hardcore rock songs! That's like dumbing it down for the elevator; I should be shouting the lyrics I've just learned with glee and abandonment, just as the member sof Bricks For Shoulders have done on this seven track disc. I'm not sure if this is a debut album for the band, but wow, this is a huge opener of a career. Don't miss out on Bricks For Shoulders. This will be the hardcore sound for the masses. -MG - HUSSIESKUNK.COM-SEPT 06'

"The heavy-as-fuck hardcore guitars suggest a Bane-like level of heaviness. Stevie D's vocals go between metal howling and a David Yow (Jesus Lizard)-like shout-speak. It's syncopated, raw, and heavy, but there's a post-hardcore level of melody bubbling undernath, though it never quite seems to break through the overlying thick,metallic shell. Even more impressive is that Bricks For Shoulders are just two guys making all that ruckus which begs the question; if just two dudes can crank out a noise that mighty, why bother letting anybody else get in the way?

by Jeff Terich - Modern Fix- issue 53

This New York band channels the post-hardcore fury of Helmet, Biohazard and Hatebreed on You are, therefore I am... The art rock stylings of Sonic Youth also seep through the cracks on songs like "Non prescription glasses and your star tattoos" and "Art and Narcissism." - PRICK MAGAZINE Jonathan Williams (Music Editor)

Bricks For Shoulders - You are, Therefore I Am (Far Between Records) Bricks For Shoulders are a two piece band who aren't afraid to show you their love for Deadguy and Kiss It Goodbye. Needless to say, I think this is pretty awesome stuff. The recording is kind of weird, and the vocals sound pretty out of place. Kind of like they recorded them with a room mic, and maybe that's what they were going for. Either way, this is some pretty heavy shit for only two dudes. I think with a more pro recording, this could be mindblowing. Either way, I suggest checking these guy out if you have the chance. - Mike Dikk - BYSTANDER FANZINE

"Bricks for Shoulders has the artistic advantage of issuing forth a relatively original sound but doing little to alienate fats of straightforward hardcore. In fact, to explain in words the distinctiveness is a tad difficult. It's subtle, sort of. I guess it's best just left to say that there's a certain cadence to the overall mix that informs BfS' metal-touched hardcore sound. The music is rough and gritty yet not without a certain precision and the songwriting will no doubt inspire the rage-clenched fists of moshers everywhere." - Upchuck Undergrind

Bassist or no, this EP hits you like a kick in the teeth. It's brutal, heavy, thought-provoking, and beautiful- all in one fell swoop. Steve D really took this two-piece to a new level with You are, Therefore I am....

The thing that surprised and impressed me the most about this album was the complexity of the guitar parts from the BFS' previous release. Steve D seems to have personally grown as a guitarist a great deal. He has really molded a truly individual style as he pulls from different styles including grindcore, hardcore, and metal. As he uses these styles he creates a sound that really fills out the album, making it seem like there are 2 guitars and a bass playing.
The drums were and still are great. The toms could be turned down slightly but there is no question about the quality.
If you were to put a gun to my head and force me to compare BFS to another band I would say they sound like Terror stripped down to vocals/guitar/drums, but I would say that is it best to not compare BFS to anyone- they have a truly distinct style.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new face of hardcore: stripped down and brutal. These guys are just a few steps ahead. - INDEPENDENT CLAUSE -Scott Landis

The beauty and strength of underground music in general would be, the
amazement of what artists are capable off. No restraints or pressure put
onto them, by labels or managers. Just letting their creativity flow freely.
Ofcourse knowing my personal taste I also like it heavy and Brick of
Shoulders give me both with this 7 track ep. The two (!) members incorprate
heavy almost industrial riffs, not unlike Helmet, with intense vocals coming
close to a heavier version of Prong meets Henry Rollins. Dry yet acidic, if
you get my drift. The waves of metal are overwhelming knowing there's just
vocals, drums and one guitar. Stevie D and Tom C have made sure every little
hole of their songs is filled with reinforced concrete. As heavy as this
record is, it's still a breath of fresh air we so need these days. - Martijn Welzen - MASS MOVEMENT MAGAZINE

"Bricks For Shoulders is hot to trot!..." - Aural Fix


"You are, therefore I am...."

1) you've got to be kidding me
2) non prescription glasses and your star tattoos
3) art and narcissism
4) segway
5) you should treat your kids as well as you treat your cars
6) you fill in the blanks while I load my .357
7) end of transmission



With a backlash of prosthetic, regurgitated music spread ubiquitously across the nation like a cancer, there's a fresh sense of security seeing something organic and true. Bricks for Shoulders is a sight for sore eyes amongs an eye sore of generic muck." (Generation Strikes; issue 3)

Originated in the Fall of 2004, Bricks for Shoulders is comprised of Steven DeJoseph on guitar and lead vocals and Thomas Crooke on Percussion and vocals. Descending from musical excursions such as Self-Infliction, Pretty Polly, Elevated Water, Swell as Hell, and Prescott C., some of which Tom and Steve had worked together on, much of Bricks for Shoulders' sound and feel is built from the foundation and framework of the past.

Many of their songs are spawned from personal experience and social observation, delivering chilling memoirs and a commentary on society that will have a lingering effect. They do not have a formula as to what they will write about, and they will not sit on your fron porch and bitch about heart breaks, nor deny the fact that they have done so in the past. The overall sound of Bricks is heavy, aggressive, poignant and devistatingly beautiful.