Briddy Morris

Briddy Morris

 Bluefield, West Virginia, USA

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Written By: Briddy Morris

Living it up in a pretty small town
Where everyone sleeps when the stars come round
Even though they’re slow you move at a pretty fast pace
Just to get by in this rat race

V. 2
You sit in your room and you wish they’d understand
That you work hard and you’re going to be a good man
But they don’t understand
In this town (Yeah)

You’re pretty damn special
In my eyes
And when you’re feeling down
Just come lay
And you’ll be okay
Yeah yea yea yea yea
Yeah yea yea yea yea

V. 3
You raise up to take your place
Up high so the crowd can see your face
And you yell at the top of your lungs
That this is all fake and your going on the run

You say there’s nothing real anymore, anymore
And you’re looking for something new to heal the sore, the sore
Boy, reach for the stars to cool the scars
That this life has created (Yeah)

Chorus (x 2)