With their unique and acclaimed genre-fusing style, BridgeBound have been taking stages all around the UK, throwing contemporary music into overdrive! Having performed at notable venues around the UK including the Brixton Jamm, 02 Academy Islington and Indig02 as well as supporting massive international bands such as Alabama3; BridgeBound are set to make 2013 their year with new releases and more immense shows than ever before!

The band was formed in early 2010, when Lead Singer/Guitarist Adam Skolfield and Drummer Charlie Knight came together over there shared passion for making music. A few pints later, Bassist Kieron Johnston was recruited into the band, bringing with him his own unique flavor. Over the next two years, they would bounce around from gig to gig, developing their sound and rocking their way into the finals of Surface Festival in 2011. In 2012, it became apparent that they had to step up their game.

Enter Stuart Taylor.

The Lead Guitarist completed the line up in early 2012, and with him brought the edge that the band had been looking for. Since then, the four-piece’s sound has continued to grow, drawing on influences such as Alter Bridge, Muse, Dream Theatre and Brand New.

In May 2012 the band stepped into the studio to record three of their singles, which would form their much-anticipated E.P: ‘This Is Your Conscience Speaking’. The three tracks represent the musical versatility of the band. Love Drug is a high energy, fast melody ear-pleaser, bound to catch your attention from the first chord. Personal Rewind is the band’s heavy riff rock-out packaged into three-and-a-half minutes of head banging bliss. Finally there’s the blues-inspired Four, the epic which is sure to have you chanting it’s anthemic conclusion. (Once you've put down your air guitar, of course!)

The only way to grasp what BridgeBound are all about, is by seeing them live! The E.P. tracks are joined by an array of songs; some hard, some soft, some funky. But all addictive.

Be sure to join the band through the end of 2012, as they journey into a new year, packed with new releases and more great shows!