Bridge Club

Bridge Club


Foot stomping rythms and swaggering guitar combine with the soul of 70s punk. Heavy without forgetting that people still like to sing along.


Formed in November of 2002,
Bridge Club started playing out as a four-piece, but it wasn’t until June of the next year (when they ousted their lead singer) that all the pieces started to fall into place. This line up would showcase the songwriting abilities, playing prowess, and big-time rock swagger these fuzzed-out, garage rockers have. In August of 2003 the Commander Mandible e.p. was released and the band found success not only in recording but on the stage. Their live sets proved to be tight, mean, and blistering renderings of the songs.

Bridge Club began to find critical success and gained a vehemently loyal crowd. In October of 2004 they dropped their debut full length, Summer of the Jackal. The shows got bigger and they found significant air play on college radio. They rode this energy into shows with The Libertines, Metric, The Hold Steady and Har Mar Superstar.

The band continued their reputation for intense live shows and explosive playing. With the 2006 release of The Scorched Capsule, Bridge Club have created a group of songs that work together as an album. Experimenting with different styles of structuring, they have created a new style while still staying true to their rock roots. The Scorched Capsule shows a broader dynamic between sounds and a definite evolution in the band.


2006 - The Scorched Capsule (LP)
#3 Top Added Artist CMJ 4.24.06

2004 - Summer of the Jackal (LP)

2003 - Commander Mandible (EP)

Set List

We have lots of songs and try not to play the same set twice. Typically, our sets are about 10-15 songs and are about 45 minutes.
We do some covers. Mostly Velvet Underground, The Flaming Groovies, The Rolling Stones