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Bridgeport Folly


Priding themselves in their artistic integrity and ability to deliver quality songwriting, Bridgeport Folly pursues a broader definition of musical expression with an arsenal of soundscapes ranging from ELECTRIC DRUM & BASS-FUNK CHANTS and POWERHOUSE ROCK-GROOVES, to INTROSPECTIVE SPACE ANTHEMS...


Formed in 2003, Bridgeport Folly has created a jolt in the developing South Florida music scene. A band on a mission, Bridgeport Folly is the musical crossroads of four musicians with a singular creative goal. Their sound is an explosion of FOLK, JAZZ, FUNK and INDIE ROCK. Though their influences are broad, sweeping all manners of conventional as well as unconventional music, a few stand out in particular as having left a lasting and meaningful impression on them. These include The Meters, Brian Eno, Phish, The Talking Heads, The Who, and Herbie Hancock. Lyrically speaking, they are influenced by Kurt Vonnegut, Neil Young, Ian Anderson and Peter Gabriel. Bridgeport Folly's original compositions sparkle with tonality, loving attention to detail, and form; improvisations bring them beyond their usual catalog and allow them to explore the deep-seeded connection between each member. At once thundering and epic, blissfully dramatic rises give way to soft, joyful melodies that are sure to fill the dance floor. Fueled by the often whimsical and always poignant words and vibrant imagery of eloquent and original lyricist, John Knowles Williams, Bridgeport Folly is a gathering of hearts and minds: a true musical celebration. One can be certain that on any given night, the band will travel from East to West and back again in theme, stopping only for a fifteen-minute set-break. Individually, they are a varied group, but their differences melt away and their strengths are magnified as they take the stage to perform on any given night.
National Touring Acts that have shared the stage with Bridgeport Folly include Perpetual Groove, DJ Le Spam & The Spam All-Stars, ALO, and J.J. Grey & Mofro.


Ecstatic Batter

Written By: Taylor Jacobs

Fixtures arranged in a dimensional array
With little exposure to a flat entrée
Beating with the little amount seen
Feeling it all, breathing within its mean

The time it took to scrunch it up the pipe
Gnarling through the thought of it ripe
A bonified view of a gasping hue Knowing it all was too much for you

Exfoliating in an aura of wax
Expediting through the fumbles of tax
A desperate attempt to drown it's content down
On the bottom it will forever be bound


Willy of Face and Hand

Written By: John Knowles Williams

Straddling a tempest Willy sent himself out upon his way
He sidled up and saddled it early in the morning of that day
Glancing ever backward to see the receding land
Moving ever farther from his native sand

Sailing on a whirlwind, a tidal wave of great destructive force
He can feel the thunder of his steed, the power of his wild and stormy horse
Melting with the cosmos, Willy’s one with his DNA strand
Slipping Milky wayward, reigns glowing like a lanyard in his hand

To lose control of chaos is to lose a choice you simply never had
Willy’s trip it took him from his mind and left him rather mad
A routine inspection showed his mind to be strangled and torn
Though’is limbs dangled blandly beside he strived to ride that storm

Now we find our fearless friend among a kind he can understand
Communicating with their thoughts, they are nothing neither face nor hand
Slurping at his brainstem, his damage they directly diagnose
They’re cutting free his breath-tubes as they pull his brains out through his nose

Willy’s floating freely now like an errant fart upon the wind
Will he ever meet the severed meat-suit that he used to call his kin
Will the meat that engorged him call to him in the empty night
Will Willy’s beefy brother back out before a fight?

Black Tide

Written By: anonymous

A twinkling light and a ray of hope
The cloud line breaks today
And we sing a song of friends
While the black tide creeps away

The surface of the ocean is crystal and calm
Allowing the mask to conceal
A will to thunder to pillage and plunder
While we all ignore the keel

Sleeping soundly we begin
To believe that all is well
But darkness hides in still black tides
Waiting to once again swell

So the signs and symptoms are with us again
They never truly went away
Instead of glory we sing a sad story
And the life will start to pay

To Empty Sea

Written By: J. Williams

It's electric when the moon describes
using rulers, maps, and scribes
the details of this mass inside
that pumps and throbs and gets me high

He factors in my lunar weight
reflecting light at night creates
a state in which my veins pulsate
a state in which our souls elate

He sweeps the waves and tames the tide
a friendly face high in the sky
keeps the light on till i get home
leads the way where ever i roam

From jagged cliff, to empty sea
He glistens, glows, and beckons me
to leap upon the surface sand
and reaching out he takes my hand

He brings me on a lunar trip
and in and out of space we dip
colliding with my future green
in drowsy daydreams thoughts careen

The Intrepid Space-Traveler

Written By: J. Williams & T. Jacobs

Spill forth in destiny, just fill my dying eyes
With something lasting, impressions in the skies
Don't will me back to life, just let me see what's there
Don't let me go like this, don't leave my heart so bare

Tear me loose, let me in
Let this savage trip begin...

Pretty soon I'm careening around in ecstacy
I'm not quite sure what everyone expects of me
The blue-green waters and the land that rims the sea
Couldn't keep on this plant forgery

There is nothing more to do
I'll leave the rest to you

Bottomed out blissfully on the coast of the lunar sea
Chimpanzee was sitting there in a spacesuit waiting for me
He said to me, "Kind sir, I've been watching the sky for you
Just sitting here circling the sun and looking for something to do"

So Bruno the grateful chimp exhaled happily through his primitive earthling life-support system, a grin etched across the folds of his little chimp face. Long had he awaited the day when an intrepid space-traveler would land on his otherwise uninhabited home-planet. No longer would he spend his days alone, waiting for that flickering light on the horizon…


Bridgeport Folly is hard at work on their independent debut release, currently untitled. A highly anticipated project well representative of an era, the release is tentatively slated for early spring. The polished work boasts the efforts of Josh Foster (Crazy Fingers, the Sosos, Almost Acoustic Band) and Kenneth Dykstra, whose recording credits include Vida Blue, Soulive, and Nelly among others...There will soon be more details released on this creative gem.
"currently untitled" (produced by Kenneth Dykstra at Satellite View Studios 2007)
1. Arkansas Drive
2. Sea Of Keyscharp
3. Willy Of Face And Hand
4. Conversations
5. Moment In Time
6. Ecstatic Batter
7. Black Tide
8. All Around
9. The Wooley

-The Arkansas Drive EP (Recorded at G-Star Studio's 2003)
1. Arkansas Drive
2. Bumpkin
3. Ecstatic Batter

The Ecstatic Batter EP (Satellite View Studios 2006)
Track Listing:
1. Ecstatic Batter
2. Sea Of Keysharp
3. Black Tide
*This recording is availiable upon request

Set List

As well as having the Taylor Jacobs and John Williams songwriting duo hard at work, Bridgeport Folly extends it's repriotore to the creative minds of each member in the band, as well as pleasing the audience's taste.
Priding themselves in their artistic integrity and their ability to deliver quality songwriting, they continue to pursue a broader definition of musical expression.
With an arsenal of soundscapes ranging from electric drum & bass-funk chants and powerhouse rock grooves, to introspective space anthems, their diversity
lends itself to variation in each evening's set.

A variation of a setlist might include:
Black Tide
Avante Interlude>
Infamous Delivery
The Intrepid Space-Traveler
Avante Laylu
Dolly Dagger

Willy of Face and Hand
To Empty Sea
Sea of Key Scharp
Brand New
The Escaping Seed

A usual format consists of two sets, usually running between 1 and 1.5 hours each.

With a philosophy geared towards the