Bridges To Dreams

Bridges To Dreams

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Bridges To Dreams, you may have guessed by the name, deliver a cerebral experience. Sometimes dense and noisy, sometimes calm and serene, but always emotionly charge. Very cinematic, their music transports the listener, as do themselves the universes of David Lynch and Jim Jarmush. The band compositions are similar to the soundtrack of a documentary or a short film. Expanding often heavy topics, such as human explotation, world conflicts, and social unrest. Bridges To Dreams reflects, raises que


Bridges To Dreams is a rock/psychedelic/experimental band from Montreal,Qc composed of four musicians of various influences. Formed in 2006 by Sylvester Malik (guitar, synthetizer, sound effect), Frank Christin (bass, guitar, sound effect), Chris Lebanc (drum) and Claude Boucher (vocal 2006-08). The band run as an instrumental trio from 2008 to 2010, then joined in 2011 by Dave Gallant (sampling, synthetizer, keyboard, percussion, sound effect).

Having a very open and DIY approach, the group has been involved in the Montreal underground music scene for the last few years, especially through the late LFH (LoftFromHell). The LFH was a venue for music practices and also a silkscreening workshop, which also had as an objective to produce concerts to help local and international artists and groups showcase there music and art. Dave Gallant was the co-founder of the venue.

With more than a hundred live performances since they first came out of their seedy practice room in 2007, the group has acquired an ease on stage. Improvisation being a integral part of the groups identity and performance. Bridges to Dreams strives to create an experience that is both exciting and rich for the audience as for themselves.


Release date: July 2012
Trak Listing: Intérieur du delta - He called her storm -
Eye explode - Lucid dreaming
Recorded live at Makina Studio in Montréal,QC by Louis- Philippe Kyer on 2nd & 3rd days of march 2012.
Mixed by Sylvester Malik at Evidence Studio in Montréal,QC march and april 2012.
Artwork, Graphics & Layout by Dave Gallant at IncongruDIY

Release date: 15 of july, 2010
Track Listing: Canyon(6:53) - Satellite(12:27) - The Fall pt. 01(18:00) - The Fall pt. 2(5:03)
Recorded and mixed at Evidence Studio by Sylvester Malik
Artwork for first pressing of album done by Claude Boucher. Graphic design, layout and silkscreen done by Dave Gallant at Korpo. 100 CD-RS in on 8X12" handmade silkscreened packaging (SOLD OUT).
Digital album photography done by Sylvester Malik. Graphic Design and layout by Industrie Chimere Noir.
Additonal Ambient Vocals by Claude Boucher and Joce. Spoken Word by Johnny Vain
(2nd limited collector editition of 50 with new artwort to be release in july 2012)

Release date: August 2008
Track listing: Diamond(6:58) - Coastal(13:14) - The Axe of the Glutton(15:34) - The Neon Shift(12:59) - The Midnight Alarm(10:01)
Recorded and mixed at Evidence Studio by Sylvester Malik
Photo by Frank Christin. Graphic design and layout by Industrie Chimère Noir
300 CD in Jewel Box / SOLD OUT

Released date: March 2008
This is only a single called "Call of the Hives" released for our first east Canadian tour.
100 cd-r in Jewel Box / SOLD OUT

Set List

-Intérieur du delta.
-He called her storm.
-Eye explode.
-Lucid dreaming

Set is around 40 min...