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Tiffanie Bridges @ The Soul Lounge

Lousiville, Kentucky, USA

Lousiville, Kentucky, USA

Tiffanie Bridges @ Northwest High School-Sista Girl (Stageplay)

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Tiffanie Bridges @ Northwest High School-Sista Girl (Stageplay)

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



Who knew that an evening of musical theater dedicated to the mystical issues of soaring mood swings, night sweats, tears, forgetfulness, wrinkles, the unhappy results of periodic gravitational pulls, coupled with plummeting estrogen levels,could be so much fun, resonate with so many and continue to entertain audiences throughout the country?

But that is exactly what has happened, and the good news is that "Menopause the Musical," now on stage at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, not only lives up to its buzz ... but it is whooping good fun.

Jeanie Linders had a good idea when, after more than her fair share of a bottle of wine, a vivid dream and a serious episode of night-sweats, she began the creation of a very funny, often endearing, rollicking and periodically hilarious slice of musical theater. The "Menopause" she created is spot-on and though it particularly addresses women and their issues, the men in the audience obviously loved it, too.

The story line involves the frenzied meeting at Bloomingdale's of four very different women, whose only connection at the beginning, it turns out, is that they all admit to experiencing a variety of behaviors that they began to relate to menopause. In moments they become sisters, in a way, as through the course of a day they bond during the sharing of their symptoms. And, the good news is that as the piece progresses through the course of the evening, the four emerge optimistic, triumphant and changed in the most heroic way.

What makes the piece, directed by Kathryn Conte, so outstanding -- after the concept -- is that the cast that brings you this up-close look at the "fun" side of menopause is absolutely pitch-perfect. They are not only fine actresses, but they are comedians -- and they are so funny.

Tiffanie Bridges plays the hard-core professional woman in the quartet, and she comes with impressive experience and a background of gospel singing. The mother of five has a voice kind of like Aretha Franklin, and you'll love every note of it. She towers over the others in her tailored suit as she stands tall in her high-heeled shoes, and clearly carries her menopause weight with strength and dignity.

The soap star, Rebecca Fisher, working so hard to remain young and sleek, is so, so concerned about her weight and her appearance. And though her career depends on it, her frequent references to diet and working out inflame the others, all clearly well beyond gazelle-like. She supplies the perfect balance.

Also around the corner from sleek is Sandy DeWoody as the Iowa housewife. With glued red hair, a wine-colored blouse over her full print skirt, she teems with feistiness and incredible energy. Her pleasingly plump figure simply makes her case stronger. She takes this role and runs with it, and we love her for it.

Rounding out the quartet is Pammie O'Bannon as the Earth Mother, the old hippie. She's convincing in her tie-dyed dress, sensible sandals and natural hair. Her vegan lifestyle isn't the only sign of her appealing "hippiness," as she reveals herself a layer at a time.

This would be a good time to mention the choreography. Though so subtle we could miss it, the moves these women make, whether simple gestures supporting their dialog or as part of some ensemble dances, provide serious insight to the development of each of the four characters. We in the audience watch, listen and grow to know them so much better.

The outstanding cast is made the moreso not only because of Linders' script but because of the parodies she creates based on a collection of hit songs of the '60s, '70s and '80s. Starting with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," substituting some words that we know but don't often say in public. You'll love it. Through the evening, familiar pieces such as "Stayin' Alive," and "Night Fever" take on a different spin. Listen particularly for ... ahem ... "My Thighs" and "Great Pretender."

The outstanding moments continue throughout the evening, but do not take your eyes from the stage while Bridges appears as Tina Turner. Then, toward the end of the show, be on the lookout for DeWoody, during a scene in the lingerie department at Bloomie's. There is a whole new look at The Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations" and ... you can not miss a segment as she interacts with a black, lacy, teeny, tiny teddie.

Another memorable moment is the "air guitar" piece with DeWoody on drums and cymbals. I loved it.

Nancy K. Wellard - The Island Packet, Hilton Head Island, SC

I went to see “Home for the Holidays: Featuring Big Band Music” at the American Cabaret Theatre tonight. I came away from the theatre feeling good. Comfortable. Re-grounded. As if I had just been…well…home. They sing a variety of songs that not only make me think of Christmases with my family, but which also trigger other positive memories from my past.

There are some breathtaking solos and duets, too. Deaon Smith made me melt with desire during “Merry Christmas Baby.” Karlton D. Turner brought me to tears with “Mary, Did You Know?” But when the two men later sang “I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free,” I thought I would burst, it was so heartfelt and beautiful.

Peggy Chambers singing “I’ve Got the World on a String” made me remember exactly how invigorating it is to be in love. Tiffanie Bridges’ “Unforgettable” was just that: unforgettable. And I loved to hear her sing the part about someone finding her (me) unforgettable, too.

This show is a cabaret, so there is not really any frame story. However, even though I usually go to a theatre to hear and see a story, my desire for storytelling is more than satisfied in this show within the many individual songs.

"Home for the Holidays: Featuring Big Band Music" is directed by Bob Harbin. It runs at the American Cabaret Theatre through December 23.
-- Amaryllis Jones
- IndyTheaterHabit.com

Career-driven "Power Woman" Tiffanie Bridges belts out the parody of Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools"….when she's not bringing audiences to their feet with her eye-rolling, impish Tina Turner rendition of "What's Love Got to Do With It," Bridges is bringing her five children to their feet in the morning.
Julie Slaymaker, Indianapolis Woman (June 2005)
- Indianapolis Woman

Tiffanie Bridges as Professional Woman has a commanding voice that can be belted into the back row (she also has a new gospel CD release titled I’m Ready) and lends a powerful punch to soulful riffs such as the opener “Change, Change, Change,” patterned after Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools.” Yet Bridges’ climactic costume change still caught many by surprise at the matinee… as her retooling of Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” now emerges as an ode to self-pleasure.
Bill DeLapp, Syracuse New Times (June, 2008)
- Syracuse New Times

I like [Tiffanie's] sound. Clean, fresh, joyful and full of grace! - Daniel J. Perez, via ReverbNation.com

Tiffanie Bridges is a wonderful singer who sings with such passion and skill. Listening to her sing, I can tell that she has spent time developing her talent. She delivers her notes with precision and confidence. I personally enjoy her musical talent and look forward to hearing more from her. I did some research about her recording projects and found that she is very serious about what she does and I can see that she works hard doing so. It is a great pleasure to be able to play her music on our radio station here at NiaRadioNetwork.com - Roderick Carter - NiaRadioNetwork.com

Tiffanie Bridges takes to her gospel roots on her independently-released debut I’m Ready. The nine-track collection, produced by her talented husband Angelo Bridges, exposes her soulful riffs and unique vocal style that resemble the plush of Roberta Flack and the melisma challenges of Chaka Khan. And she also exposes her writing skill as she boldly takes on the task of penning seven of the album’s tracks. The album should serve as a compass to an even greater and promising career in music. - J Matthew Cobb - Prayzehymn Ent


I'm Ready (Urban Gospel)-2008

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Tiffanie Bridges, the lead vocalist of the soul groove of ESCALADE, is a Chicago-born singer with vocal ability ranging from sultry jazz to foot-stomping gospel. Her golden voice has been described as the plush of Roberta Flack with the melismatic challenges of Chaka Khan. She and her husband, Angelo Bridges, who leads the band on keys, both grew up at a small store-front Pentecostal church, using their gifts and talents in the choir. Today, they both have made a career in the arts: Tiffanie in musical theater (currently traveling with touring companies of the International hit, Menopause the Musical) and Angelo as an upcoming producer and studio musician as well.

Tiffanie's velvety vocal styling and Angelo's amazing dexterity on keys blends contemporary R&B, soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, disco, and their undeniable gospel roots.