Bridges to Dreams

Bridges to Dreams


"Ambient Post Metal" Many terms could be used to describe Bridges to Dreams. This band leaves this to its listeners. A natural progression of what we knew of (Post-Metal/Post-Rock/Prog Metal) Something new here is being built and performed. Take a listen and judge for yourself!


Bridges to Dreams began after the fall of another project entitled "TornDown" in the Fall of 2006. Since then Bridges to Dreams have been producing ambient, sometimes choatic blends of post-metal. Coming from Hardcore/Metal backgrounds the base of there music is of those genres but taken to another level altogether. Bridges to Dreams wants to bring its music to as many people that are willing to open there ears to them and let them in. Experimentation is something that this band has mandated to do with its songs to attempt to reach something that does not yet exist. Take a listen for yourself


Bridges to Dreams "Self-Titled" 2008 Ruins of the Zodiac Records