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"Bridges To Quadrophenia live at Woodstock New York"

The house lights dim at the beautiful Bearsville Theater in Woodstock, New York. A single spot light shines on the stage as the members of Bridges to Quadrophenia take the stage. As the drummer takes his seat; the guitarist straps his axe over his shoulder. The bassist and keyboardist prepare in their positions. Just then without a word spoken, the guitarist plays the opening chords to Street Fighting Man. The band jumps into the song with complete confidence. Right from the beginning the audience goes nuts. Jumping up and down raising their fists in the air because now they know they are going to get exactly what they came for.

Without any breaks between songs Bridges delivers incredible renditions of some of the most recognizable music ever recorded: Honky Tonk Woman, Brown Sugar, Tumblin’ Dice, and Heart Breaker. Only then, after the first five songs, do they give the audience a rest as the guitarist is handed a different axe to play. A quick count off and the band jumps into It’s Only Rock and Roll. It’s at this point in the evening that I realize these guys really have this material down. It really SOUNDS like the Rolling Stones and the vocalist is hitting all the notes and just nailing the mannerisms of Mick.

The set continues with familiar hits played in the feel of the Stones. It’s only when they play Angie that the guitarist picks up the acoustic. Then it’s back to the pumping rock songs like Bitch, Live with Me and a great upbeat version of Under My Thumb. Only during You Can’t Always Get What You Want that this incredible Stones set quiets down at all only to be joined by the audience singing along at the end. After just over an hour, the band closes the set with Sympathy for the Devil. At the end, the singer announces to the audience there will be a quick intermission, but stick around for a set of the Who.
After about ten or fifteen minutes, the band reemerges onto the stage. It’s at this point that a handful of guys wearing “The Who” tee shirts with the familiar logo work their way to the front of the stage. The band immediately goes into Long Live Rock. The guitarist jumps high into the air without missing a note. The rhythm section is just absolutely tearing up this song and the keyboardist is pounding away. Then the biggest Woof the night, the same singer who just delivered an amazing set of The Rolling Stones, is now whipping his microphone around in circles and sounds just like Roger Daltrey in his prime!

The audience is going totally wild. And like the first set, Bridges just punches out songs like a heavy weight fighter delivering hooks and jabs to his opponent. One right after the other, Can’t Explain, My Generation, Substitute, Pictures of Lilly and The Seeker. Only then, after six songs, does the singer check in with the audience “How you doing tonight?’

Then to everyone’s delight the band goes into We’re Not Going to Take It, a medley going right into See Me Feel Me, bringing images of The Who classic Woodstock performance in 1969 just down the road in Bethel 39 years prior. Behind Blue Eyes, Bargain, 515, and Going Mobile follow. All songs performed INCREDIBLY!

The stage lights dim once again and the band seems to disappear on the stage. There’s a moment of silence, and without any introduction, the opening of Baba O’Reilly blasts over the PA system. As the piano chords ring out and the drums kick in, it sounds as if I’m listening to Who Next in my car with the stereo up all the way. The audience is blown away with how accurately this band is pulling off this song. “Out here in the fields… I fight for my meals!” This singer has definitely got it. The audience simply explodes with excitement.

But that won’t be all! The band plays a deep cut from Quadrophenia, Sea and Sand, and then Slip Kid from Who by Numbers, and finally Love Reign O’er Me. It’s after this the band waves goodbye, the singer thanks everyone for coming out and they walk off the stage. But the audience knows there’s one more song to be played. Chants from the audience go on for what seemed to be forever. One More! One More! One More!

And as hoped, Bridges to Quadrophenia takes the stage once more to the resounding cheers and clapping of a grateful audience. They proceed to play the most energetic version of Won’t Get Fooled Again; without a doubt, the best version I have ever heard played live.
Bridges to Quadrophenia, did not disappoint this audience member.

Nickolas Swain, 2008


Still working on that hot first release.



The fact is there are a lot of tribute bands out there. Bridges To Quadrophenia take a new approach to the tribute genre, playing the music of two of the most dynamic and influential rock bands of all time. You would have a hard time finding any rock music fan that hasn’t been influenced by the music of The Rolling Stones and The Who. Both bands have been making ground breaking music for the past forty years.

Bridges To Quadrophenia is five extraordinary and talented musicians who each have been perfecting their craft in clubs and theaters for decades. The musicianship and attention to detail and authentic interpretation of both bands is absolutely stunning and really needs to be seen and heard. Understanding that playing in a tribute act, we felt it was just as important to dive deep into the albums of both bands to deliver the deep cuts loyal fans of both bands want to hear. As well as delivering the standard bombshell hits that one would expect to hear at a Stones or Who show. Bridges To Quadrophenia provides a chance for fans of the Rolling Stones and The Who to hear this great music performed live, either for the loyal fan that has seen the original act over and over; or for fan hearing these songs performed live for the very first time.