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The Nations only Rolling Stones and Who tribute band!


The fact is there are a lot of tribute bands out there. Bridges To Quadrophenia take a new approach to the tribute genre, playing the music of two of the most dynamic and influential rock bands of all time. You would have a hard time finding any rock music fan that hasn’t been influenced by the music of The Rolling Stones and The Who. Both bands have been making ground breaking music for the past forty years.

Bridges To Quadrophenia is five extraordinary and talented musicians who each have been perfecting their craft in clubs and theaters for decades. The musicianship and attention to detail and authentic interpretation of both bands is absolutely stunning and really needs to be seen and heard. Understanding that playing in a tribute act, we felt it was just as important to dive deep into the albums of both bands to deliver the deep cuts loyal fans of both bands want to hear. As well as delivering the standard bombshell hits that one would expect to hear at a Stones or Who show. Bridges To Quadrophenia provides a chance for fans of the Rolling Stones and The Who to hear this great music performed live, either for the loyal fan that has seen the original act over and over; or for fan hearing these songs performed live for the very first time.

Set List

We play a 1 1/2 hour Stones show
then a 10 minute break-

then we do a 1 1/2 hour
Who show with an encore!

We do a bit of everything from the vast body of work of both bands.

You will be sure to hear selections from The Stones early catalog as well as songs from Exile on Main Street and Let it Bleed!
We do fan favorites such as:
Miss you
Beast of Burden
and many, many more!

We can assure you, you will hear songs from My Generation, Tommy,Who's Next
and other tunes you might not expect!
Fan favorites include:
Love Reign O'er Me
Slip kid
Behind Blue Eyes
and many, many more!