Bridge To Grace

Bridge To Grace


Bridge To Grace has the perfect blend of powerhouse vocals and dynamic musicianship. Lead singer & frontman, David Garcia has one of the best new voices in Rock music. Although they've been together for a short time, they have the Atlanta music scene buzzing!


Bridge To Grace has taken the Atlanta music scene by storm! They are the total package...powerhouse vocals, dynamic muscianship and awesome live performances. Their songs have strong melodies, powerful arrangements and distinct guitar solos. They have a modern, commercial sound ready to hit the airwaves. “World renowned” producer Rick Beato has been instrumental in helping to develop the band as well as produce their first LP. What sets Bridge To Grace apart from other bands in their genre is their ability to create diversity in their songwriting. Each song has a unique style and sound. They appeal to a wide range of music lovers. Check these guys out, you won't be disappointed!


Check out our singles that have been released for streaming: "Take It All"
"Won't Let Go"

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"Say What You Want".